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I shall do that… in the future! Believe that!

Hi guys.

How are you doing? Took me a while (again!) to write another blog post. It wasnt like i was totally busy or something; it was pretty much just the usual stuff. You know, researching stuff, working, watching anime, playing games (dragon age 3…wohooo). Nothing out of the ordinary. But well, i just… i dont know, didnt want to write.

I actually thought some stuff up though.

Firstly, My male bunny will go to the veterinary. Tomorrow. Nope, not castration. Not now atleast. The doc just wants to see how far he is developed, since i was kinda worried about him. You know, hes actually trying to bite through those cagemetalthings. I would happily let him out, but he just doesnt want to when im there. He would rather break his legs then doing so. And thats why hes still in there. Well, even so, he will go out of that cage tomorrow. No worries, i wont break anything. But it will be an epic battle. The bunny vs the black-bearded hermit. Sounds good huh?

I also decided something else these days. I decided to start studying again. Yep, right. I mean like, i already got a masters degree in computer science; where else could i go from there except for a doctor? You see, im not out there to do as much money as i can. I actually dont need anymore than i have right now. I dont. Im quite happy with what i have. No, i want to study something that will help me in my personal development. And well, since im really into all kind of weird philosophy and parapsychology stuff – guess what im going to study. Thats right. Philosophy. I actually thought about studying the second one, but well… im living in germany after all. I dont know of any institution around here that is actually doing research in that field or anything like that. People over here tend to not care about that stuff. There is a institute for the fringe topics of psychology in Freiburg (south of germany), but i dont know. I heard once about them in the radio. They dont seem to be that important; and well, they’re researching dreams anyways, im not really into that stuff.

So, Philosophy it is. I wont do it full-time. I dont have the money to do that since i still got a bit of a debt from my last study thingy. Thats also why i have to wait a bit longer to do that. But oh well, doesnt matter.

At some point in the future the black-bearded hermit will be able to call himself that while hes knowing that he actually knows some more stuff then before. Aint that amazing, huh?



Thats just me :)

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