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At dawn we ride! Atleast my bunny will, i wont.

Boy im so wasted. Again. Its like 11pm over here right now. Spent pretty much the whole evening reading threads in various forums. I can feel how this kind of stuff is draining my health. Seriously. I really do.But i cant stop.

And while im doing so, my two bunnies…erf, i brought them together yesterday and today for a hour or so. The male one wanted to fuck the female pretty much instantly. Hes like 9 weeks old now; he should NOT be doing that. The female one doesnt seem to like it (and i dont like it either since i cant afford baby bunnies). That guy needs to go to a doctor. Soon. I know that hes a lionhead bunny, but seriously, that doesnt mean that he can fuck everything that is looking like a bunny. He isnt some sort of cowboy.

Ill propably get that area were those 2 live right now a bit more seperated tomorrow. Will be easier for me to access them, because well, you know, i couldnt get them out of that place because of that. They would just go to that one place where i wouldnt be able to get if i dont wanna break my arms while doing so. That’ll mean less space for them. But idk, thats just for the next few days/weeks till they know me and i know them a bit better.

Anyways, thats about it for now. I actually wanted to do a blog post on the random philosopher blog thingy i made since i found some great stuff to write about (theres a whole bunch of stuff i want to share with all the people out there), but im just not capable of writing about such serious things this evening. Im like the eurpoean space satellite thingy that landed on that meteorite somehwere in space – my batteries are empty. And just like they did it with that machine i will propably soon activate my sleep-mode.

Beep boop. beep boop.



Thats just me :)

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