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the black-bearded hermit, reporting in!


So, here i am again after a long day of hard work.

Alright. Lets not lie about that. It wasnt hard. Im still in that phase where im learning how to do things and everything. Pretty boring if im allowed to say so. The company im working at doesnt want to waste me in the ‘warfare’ between them and their customers. Thats on one side nice from them, on the other side its plainly boring. Oh well. You cant have it all.

Anyways, is there anything else to report? I dont know. I started watching anime again. I did that the last time…well… like 3 weeks ago? Im usually a pretty regular viewer of that stuff. I like how it is can be serious about it and how its sometimes trying to picture real life. Also its just the thing if you want to get your mind of everything else (: I need that. A lot. Im propably in danger of getting suck because im just always stuck in my thoughts. I havent talked to anyone except my parents and the people at work for like 3 or 4 weeks. I imagine that this isnt socially acceptable, huh? Well fuck that. I dont wanna be with people these days. I just wanna think. About EVERYTHING. Example? Alright. I wanna think about the fact why humans are so funny looking. I mean like, think about it. Why dont we have any sort of fur? In the eyes of other beings on earth we propably luck insane. I imagine my cat is laughing her ass off everytime shes seeing me. And im not wondering why Mrs. Ladybunny right here is scared of me. Guys, we are just one fucked up bunch of beings.

And thats all the hermit got to say today. Want any truthful knowledge of the black bearded hermit that is leaving in the woods of the blackforest in germany? Stay tuned.



Thats just me :)

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