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Woop woop i got news… propably…

Alright guys, news! woop woop.

You propably already know that i did some philosopherish gibber-gabber on that blog, right?

Well, im done with that. Why? Because i moved it to another blog, that you can find right here:

Propably better like that. Not everyone out there wants to know about my thoughts on life (: I made my first post there just now where i explain the situation why im doing the things im doing. And btw, i’ll also talk about my favorite topics life after death and so on there, so dont worry – i wont do it here anymore.

The bunny-pics will take a while longer though. Napolean is a energetic one (he gave everything he had when i tried to get im out of the cage today. Had to stop, otherwise i would have injured him :/ ). Lia though… well, some beings need a bit more time to adapt to new situations i guess. Shes basically staying in one of those wooden houses i put down for them (shes coming out to eat and drink so, dont worry).

Aaaand now…im done. I wrote that fucking long story over there at my other blog, im hungry. Tschüss.



Thats just me :)

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