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My head is spinning again…and there are bunnies!

Bah good lord i spent way too much time in the last few days researching my usual stuff. Im totally worn out right now. I feel like i worked 2 weeks in a row. My brain is spinning pretty much every day despite not doing any hard work all day. And im at a point where im not sure what to believe. I mean, i got stuff i do believe in, sure. But boy, it doesnt matter who’s saying it, pretty much everyone could disturb my believes at this point. Im not sure what i should think these days.

Anyways, to get to a less serious note: I got 2 fellow beings right next to me that are living in my appartment now. And with that i mean the bunnies i wrote about like a week ago. Will provide pictures of them in the near future.

I got the male one last friday from a private person. Hes a lionhead rabbit. His mane is amazing! At the beginning he was rather shy. He still is in front of me; but since i got the lady bunny a few hours ago he got interestlingly active. Propably because they are seperated for now. I want them to get to know each other slowly.

I got the female one today. I actually bought her from a pet shop. She seems to be less shy. A few hours here and shes already investigating the area.

Both of them are like 8-12 weeks old. Small little bunnies (: And it seems like they will be doing what they are here for: Having fun, live their lifes and bringing some life to this appartment.

Btw, their names are Napoleon and Lia. Hope itll work out with those 2 guys. And i also hope that Napoleon isnt going to break anything in there while trying to get to Lia. Hes rambling in there right now like mad.



Thats just me :)

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