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Its not pirate day or anything like that, no worries. I just felt like writing yaaaaarrrr and ahoi. Thats it.

Anyways, i actually tried to discuss some things in some sort of philosophy forum a few days ago. I thought these guys there hold believes similar to mine – you know, being sceptical of everything, hoping for dualism and everything.

Boy, they pummeled me hard. Let me sum the whole thing up for you (and with this the average internet forums):

There was this one guy (he actually posted first, i still had hopes and dreams at this point) that agreed with me and said that he thought about the same questions before. He actually gave me the best informations. Propably thinks in the same way as i do. But it was really just that one guy (with one post).

And well, there also was that other one that fucked me good. You know, one of those guys that tear your whole post apart (and well, in this case he was propably right. I may ask myself the wrong questions. Idk.). Those guys believe in their stuff like it would be the horrible truth out there and everything else is plainly wrong. Im not good enough at discussing things to face those warriors of the words. Thats why i usually stick to blog posts – only the people that actually want to read it will do so.

And well, then there was that other guy that basically said “get on my level bitch”. Seriously though, he didnt write that. He wrote that he doesnt think that people that dont have the proper knowledge (like me) should discuss about stuff like that until their believe of fundamental definitions of various things is steady enough. Im not sure what to think about that. He is propably right – but at the same time, it pretty much sounds like “shut up and let the grown up people discuss that”. Not sure if i should like that kind of attitude or not.

And then finally the infamous troll showed up. Basically ignoring the whole discussing he was attacking someone who posted there (he went for the dude that teared my arguments appart) and then the whole thread went downhill. Good times. Basic troll rule #1: Derail dat thread over there before those guys get into that stuff and actually learn something out of it.

A little late and with a neutral attitude your average materialist came in. The whole thing was already dead though. I believe he was kinda happy about it since those guys dont wanna discuss either. And well, he posted something im not sure of how to take it:

I think the correct way to handle your own question is to ask: what makes the most sense of this situation?
If you ask yourself the question in that way, I think you will have your answer.

I..i dont know what i should do with that statement. I really dont. Im not looking for answers that i like to hear, i wanna know what is actually right. That guy propably thought that im expecting some sort of answer though. To be honest, i did. But i didnt expect that sort of…well, how to put it… gibberish. I dont mean that in a bad way. He is right. Partly. You cant always ask yourself. For me personally that wont help, since i already know that i dont know enough to answer those questions.

So, what did i learn from that discussion? The first guy gave me some good information. Im really grateful for that (and well, as i found out, he isnt even believing in the same stuff as i do… there are nice people out there who will still help you. Sometimes. I also found out that he usually is just posting crap). The other guys? Seriously, a few things were pretty good. But im seriously asking things i wanna no answers to. Answers that are not biased.



Thats just me :)

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