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Let me sum up my current life for you

Hello guys.

So, while i wait for a couple of friends to finish their stuff to play games, let me tell you some stuff that happened to me this week:

– Yep, that girl that i once wrote with didnt show up till now. Propably never will again. Sad days. But well, i noticed that when im long enough in a chatroom someone will actually write me. Is it because i look rather unique? I mean, not everyone that is 25 years old got a beard like me. Even so, that didnt help till now. Sad days².

– Im still sitting in front of a linux terminal of doom at work. Im starting to like it. Am i ill? I want to hug a penguin.

– Im still reading way too much stuff about consciousness and god and so on these days. Its that weird feeling that just wont let go of me. Kinda get the impression that it wouldnt even disappear if i would know the truth. Basically because there is no definitve truth out there, but oh well. The more you know. Anyways, getting the impression that people these days are changing their minds. Slowly. From being totally materialistic to something else. Or something like that. What also could be the case is that im just reading stuff from people that are thinking similar. And what i also noticed while doing all that stuff: Im so terrible at defending the things im thinking to be true at this topic. I can do amazing things when it comes to other topics, but god darn it. Im just like ‘i dont even know what’s right and what’s wrong’.

– At the end of it, im feeling a bit better than last week (: I was so stuck in my thoughts, it really REALLY fucked my health. Serious things really wear you down. But its a bit better now.

– Kinda get the feeling that im changing to a more… positive person. Im not thinking as many pessimistic things as i did in the past. Thats a good thing, right?

– I’ll get a cute little bunny next weekend (: Atleast i hope so. The whole thing is a bit suspicious because ill get it from a woman that is giving it away for free and so on. Hope itll work out. The stage is already set (meaning that i already got a place right here where it’ll live). And best thing is: Its a girl! Wohoo! Im a pathetic little cunt for thinking that, but im going to be able to say that im living together with a female being. And later on there will also be male! Oh well…



Thats just me :)

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