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I read that neuroscience stuff on reddit…some thoughts on that

Well well, look who we have here.

Thats what i like to say, but since im not seeing you in person right now that’d be kinda awkward.

Anyways, how are you guys doing? Close to finishing another week of work, huh? Yep, im also happy that im closing in on that weekend. That week went by pretty fast, i have to admit, but ahm… i did a shitload of research. As you might know from your own experience, it wears you out if you are always thinking about serious stuff. Especially when you are not satisfied with that what you’ll find.

You see, i found the /science-section on reddit yesterday. And well, since i am me i just went directly to the neuroscience part of it(Even though i already knew that i would think about it for days). Theres something like a subsection for it there. You know, the stuff there is pretty interesting, i have to admit. But ahm… there was that AMA with those 2 neuroscientists yesterday. Just when i went there it happened. And you know, theres always a guy who’ll asking a neuroscientist about his take on dualism. I could have guessed the answer on that before though. Its pretty much always something like ‘I hope to eradicate it.’ or like ‘i dont believe in it. Neuroscience proves it cant be right’. Or stuff like ‘there’s stuff like brain damage and drugs that prove that there cant be any dualism at all’.

Thats all stuff that i read before, its nothing new. Even so, that neuroscientists state stuff like that so clearly iritates me every time. How do they know that they are right? They dont have a single doubt about it. Some of their other statements cotradict that what i wrote above: They believe they know like close to nothing about how the brain works. They dont know how the brain works with memories and they truly dont know how consciousness is formed. They believe they know the last one though. But they also admit that this one is just a vague theory. Im not a expert on that field, but this stuff sounds to me like that is all just theories. Something else could also be right. And since you can look at everything from atleast 2 sides…
Right, i also know that i have to find out where those guys are coming from to fully understand why. One of those guys was the owner of his own neuroscience-lab. He was the boss. Both are respected persons with a high reputation. Plus they are working in neuroscience. If you exclude any person believes (they might just think so because they want to.) they cant state anything else if they dont wanna lose their positions. They would lose everything they worked so hard for. I mean, no one would trust a neuroscientist that is believing in anything that relates to dualism, right? Just look at Eben Alexander. He’s pretty much done with neuroscience. Why? Because he said that he had an NDE and he believes in it. Im not saying that i believe in what he’s saying (his background is rather…suspicious. I mean, he had no money, he had no reputation as much as i know… he wouldnt have lost too much anyways). But hes a rather good example what happens if you dont go for the world view your area of science believes in. They pounded him really hard to the ground. The whole thing pretty much shows: You are not just stating a personal believe if you say stuff like that, you are risking the life you are currently living. That relates to every area of science that is working closely to material-related issues. In my area of expertise, computer science, well… its not that problematic. Im working with machines – no one cares what i think about humans. As long as i dont get weird thoughts about machines though.Anyways, it still iritates me. They are so sure of what they’re saying. No doubts at all(Or lets say, they are not stating these doubts). What makes them think that it cant be different? They may know more than me (and you too), but they clearly state that they dont know enough to explain those kind of things. Stating that they will know at some point and thats why dont believe in that stuff – its fine and clearly acceptable. But thats not science anymore. Even so, there were quite a bunch of people who would take that opinion as a fact, just because a scientist said so. That reminds me of a sentence that i read somewhere else: ‘science is god’. Hmmmmmmm. Seems to be true for some people out there.



Thats just me :)

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