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Linux – the source of all evil


I hate linux. I really do. I clearly remembered that today at work. If you dont know what that is, let me explain: Linux is a machine that produces dogmatic people that are posessed by a penguin. And if thats not enough, NO – the soul of that very penguin is regulary haunting software developers EVERYWHERE on that planet. Especially the poor guys that are trying to set up a server with minimal software.The terminal is a black gate to oblivion, trying to devour your soul by making you type weird things on a keyboard. Stuff like ‘ifconfig’, ‘iptables’ and that stupid vi-editor will slowly drive you insane. And if you are on the brink of losing yourself, dont worry – the cocky colleague thats sitting right next to you will tell you how easy it is. GUARANTEED. And dont try to say ‘but its better then mac OS’. Wait a second right there. Mac OS is bad, i agree. But PLEASE. The penguin knows no mercy – the apple atleast tastes good at first sight.

So beware of that penguin thing. He looks all friendly and everything, but hes your enemy. AND HES COMING FOR YOU TOO.



Thats just me :)

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