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My mind is spinning…in circles! And with stereo sound!


So, i got a question today. Nothing serious, dont worry, its just about games. You know, that stuff that you do in your free time when you got nothing else to do or when you are a friendless scrub like me. So…

Archeage or League of Legends?

On the risk that i sound like a big fucking retard, but aahm…

I cant decide. But i want to 😦 I just wanna do one thing. I dont want to change the things i play every damn time. But but but… waaaaawwadfsdfas! Im just so bored of Archeage and MMO’s in general, i wanna change something. I never played LoL seriously before, i might try that. Or not.

No seriously, i dont know. Any opinions on that? I know that both are games that are not even CLOSE to be comparable, but FUCK THAT. Gimme dat comparison.

Guess i gotta decide on a latter date on that one.

Anyways, did other stuff happen around here? Yup, it did. Or well, it didnt. BUT because it didnt it did. Do you guys remember that blog post about that girl i wrote with just recently (like ~1 week ago)? Yeah. That one. She fucking stopped writing with me the day i posted that one. THE IRONY. OH MY GOD. Im always so confused by that. Why? BECAUSE THAT GIRL CANT EVEN TELL ME THAT SHE DOESNT WANT TO WRITE. Its like when you go up to a person, say hi and everything and get into a conversation, just to pull your pants down and run away while swinging your penis in circles. JUST LIKE THAT.

But, im not mad. I mean, im a sophisticated person, right?…

Fuck that. I was mad as fuck. I always am when stuff like that happens. Why? Because im believing in people. But well, thats propably the one thing you learn first in life: Dont believe in people. But i still do. Damn.

And soo, im (still!) that lonely guy, sitting in his appartment. Im right on my way to becoming a hermit! I mean, im growing a beard (and its getting freaking long these days…), it wont take forever to make that one white, im living alone, im not doing stuff with people, im thinking about life… Dude, im not becoming a hermit, im already one! I should start a church or something. I’ll call it: The church of bearded nerds. Those people wont get together somewhere to pray to god, no – it wont be connected to those sort of things. I mean, pray to your god, i dont care! The church of the nerds wont interfere with that kind of business! We will teach a way of LIFE there. Do you wanna grow a beard that you can use as a towel (even if you are girl, it doesnt matter)? Do you wanna have no sex EVER? Do you wanna be scared of everything that actually got more than 2 dimensions? Do you wanna look ugly and still feel good about it? Well, i got just the solution for you. So, first step. Look at that featured picture. LOOK AT IT. What do you think while doing so?

NO. Everything else except ‘oh my gawd, that shit is so funny, omfg rofl lololol’ accepted. And if you can name that person right there too, dude, you are already half way there on your way to becoming a nerd. Because nothing else screams more nerd than watching half-naked people in spandex that are acting like they would beat each other up. NOTHING.

And so, dear sir’s and ladies… Praise the sun!



Thats just me :)

One thought on “My mind is spinning…in circles! And with stereo sound!

  1. Wow, man that sucks. I don’t even know how I stumbled on this blog but oh well haha. Yeah people can be awful but there are some goods ones out there. I wish you the best of luck.


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