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Six reasons to believe in god: A analysis of a sceptical dualist

Hello there!

Took me some time to write a new blog post huh? Well, im sorry. I was kind of busy reading a lot of stuff about a few of my favorite topics out there. Dualism, the brain, god, religion. You know, all that stuff you wouldn’t read right before you go to bed because it makes you think.

While doing so i found a article about several reason why we should believe in god:

I just wanna talk about them right here for a few moments because those points seem rather fundamental to a lot of people that believe in god.

But before i start, let me make my position on that stuff clear again. It is always important to know the position the person is viewing all that stuff from. Im a dualist in some sort of way. Do i believe in god? Well, im not sure. I dont believe in the traditional religious way, thats for sure. I personally think a lot of things people are reffering to these days is the same thing though. God, mind-at-large (-> Bernardo Kastrup, you propably know that one if you were resarching consciousness at some point). I even think that the ‘random’ from random events is in some way the same as god. Random refers to to something that we cant explain with our current knowledge. Though i know that not every ‘random’ event could be god since it may be explainable in the future some major random events could be explained by that. To sum that all up, god isnt a bearded guy in a cloud or anything like that. But well, there still could be something. Nothing in this world proves or disproves that.

Aaaaaaaaanyways, im drifting of. Where was i?

Ah, the link with the 6 arguments why we should believe in god. Lets start to go through that stuff:

1. Does God exist? The complexity of our planet points to a deliberate Designer who not only created our universe, but sustains it today.

As much as i know that one is called the fine-tuned universe argument. You read it quite a lot in religious explainations why their image of god is the right one. So, does the complexity point to a designer? Well, difficult to say, huh? If all the things that are neccessary for life should have totally happened randomly (random not refering to god at this point) … well, the propability for that would be rather low. But still, it happened, right? Everyone that is reading this is the living proof for that. So, it could also be that we just hit the jackpot there. Theres a small chance of hitting it, but we did it. Could be, right? There are also a lot of naturalistic approaches to this too. Multiverses and stuff. People like Steven Hawking are believing in that. So, what is a better explanation for this? In my opinion the idea of the multiverse doesnt nullify the fine-tuning argument. Why would it do that? If there is a infinite number of universes out there, they cant be created from nothing, right? Everything that we know of isnt created out of nothing. Why would you think that in this case it would be different? And since its created out of something you might wanna say someone had to start the process too.

To sum it up, i think the fine-tuning thing isnt all that wrong, but its… frail. Why would i think it is not wrong? And what, frail? Well, you know, i talked about the meaning of random earlier on, right? In my opinion random could also refer to god. So even if you say that life happened randomly it could still mean that god was at work. Its just a different word for the same thing. But that whole thing just works if you take the assumption that randomness is god. The frail thing… you know, perfect conditions for life is a weird thing to say. The conditions we have here are perfect for the life as we know it, right. But we dont know if life could have been created in some other kind of environment. We found no evidence out there that there is some sort of other beings, but we cant rule it out. We would have to know the whole universe to know that. Not possible. And even though that one is a rather weak argument itself, it shows that its easy enough to put a dent in the fine-tuning idea.

2. Does God exist? The universe had a start – what caused it?

I was already writing about this a few lines before. Theres was a small propability for everything to be as it is. There are arguments out there that try to explain that stuff without god (even though, if you go for stuff like the multiverse, who created that large number of universes?). If you try to explain it with randomness, like i wrote it before, it totally depends on your definition of random.

And well, some thoughts on the muliverse thing: IF there is a infinite number of universes, everything that could have happened would have done so in one of those universes, well, wouldnt there also be a universe where we would gather all of our consciousness of other universes and over there all of that lives on forever? I mean, we can imagine it, therefore it’s a thing in the multiverse, right?(Since there could be totally different laws of nature over there) And well, something had to start the infinite loop too. Boils down to the ‘it just happened’-thing.

IF you say that there is a finite number of universes, well, who said that there should be like 10? A totally random thing, huh? And there you go, we did a full circle of explanations right there.

Thing is, as much as we know and if you are not fond of saying ‘it just happened, without someone doing anything at all’ there must have been a catalyst. Was it the image of god we are always refering to? Was it a pink unicorn that shoots sharks? I dont know. You propably dont know either.

3. Does God exist? The universe operates by uniform laws of nature. Why does it?

That one sure is mind-wrapper. What about our laws of nature? They could be totally different and as the article states, totally random everywhere. But they are not (atleast as much as we know it). And well, they can be always explained with math. Amazing, right? There isnt a legit explanation for that at all. ‘Someone said it should be like that’, well, could be. But still, if you apply multiverses again, there might be a universe somewhere that got random laws of nature. But do we know that? Nope. Its as much of a explanation as god.

4. Does God exist? The DNA code informs, programs a cell’s behavior.

As a programmer myself that one is stunning. Theres a code inside of us, oh my god!(How ironic to say that while discussing about god). Is there no biological explanation for that? Oh believe me, a lot of people thought really hard on that one. There are plenty of theories out there for that, im sure of it. It could have been evolution. Every change could have been written in our DNA just while it happened. But then we get another question: Why would nature do that? And well, who is nature anyways? Well, first question, no answer. Why? You could say AGAIN ‘it just happened, deal with it’. But i guess you already noticed that, i dont like that kind of stuff. At all. One could say that nature did that so we can reproduce those changes later on. And a lot of more questions arise. Why would nature want that? And well, the important question: Wait what, nature ‘wants’ something? How can it want something if it is just a sum of ‘it just happened’-things?

Plenty of stuff, rather weird theories all around. There is no solid explanation for that whole thing. God seems a rather easy assertion for it though.

5. Does God exist? We know God exists because he pursues us. He is constantly initiating and seeking for us to come to him.

That one is rather subjective. Sure some people had the feeling that they got pursued. I sometimes have that feeling too. Is it god or just our mind, playing a trick on our perceptions and feelings? That again depends on your view on things. Do you think everything is materia? Well, you might wanna say than that its just a trick of the brain. Can that be proven? You can create some of those feelings and everything with drugs or if you’re playing with peoples brains. Can it explain everything? Nope. Thats where science just takes the ‘we know it all’-position. We are not even sure about the whole creation of thoughts thing, how would we know if that feeling and these thoughts about someone pursuing us are just made up? And well, since all of that is subjective anyways, we cant prove if the illusions of the brain are the same then the things we have everyday. We can scan the brainwaves and the blood in the brain, yep. Does that account for the perceptions we all have? Ah well, im not sure about that one. Partly i guess. Doesnt explain the perception itself though; it just creates a connection between the perception and the brainwaves/blood flow. And so ooooon…

6. Does God exist? Unlike any other revelation of God, Jesus Christ is the clearest, most specific picture of God revealing himself to us.

That one is propably the only one that i have to refute with a clear position. Is there a chance that Jesus existed? Well, maybe. Was he miracle-worker? Well, i dont know, i wasnt there. Was he the son of god? Hell no. For me personally the whole story boils down to how you wanna understand the bible. The bible isnt a book with pin-point accurate stories of things that actually happened. They explain vaguely some events of the past though. Example?


You know the whole story of the 3 kings, travelling to Bettlehem, dont you. Archelogical findings suggest that they where from Babillon. The people there knew a lot about astronomy, so they propably calculated that the star that was actually there at the date the bible tells us(that star can be seen from earth in certain time intervalls). Well, and if you are a guy that likes stars, you wanna see them, right? There could be several reasons why they went to another area to watch the star.  They just did it. They just could have been stargazers.

But things like the whole jesus-story are just there to teach us values and morals. Just like the ten commandments. They are propably nothing that came from god. Humans just thougt that these rules are important for beings to live happily with each other. They just wrote it differently down, what isnt surprising at all. Different times, different way to write things.

Well, did you get any knowledge of that? I do hope so.

To sum it all up, its not wrong to believe in god and its not wrong to believe for those reasons right there (…except for the last one propably). And well, the other thing is, its not wrong to not believe in god for the same reasons. That stuff isnt something that can be exactly defined at any point. There are tons of theories out there; most of them are garbage (thats not only correct for theories that rely on religious stuff; not everything that tries to explain in a naturalistic and materialistic way is plausible). In the end it boils down to a point where you have to decide for yourself. There wont be any final proof anytime soon for any thoery out there.

Btw, another thing is: The whole article was written by believers in god, you might have noticed that. The most of it is reasonable except for the last part. That last bit is a good example of propaganda. Im talking about that stuff in general. Religious propaganda is just as bad as science propaganda. I wrote about the whole ‘we know it all’-position, of science, right? There is a common believe that science will find the answers to everything. Absolutely everything. Thats a religion too you know. Science got its limitations too. Thing is, these days the materialistic-science religion got a lot of popularity. We have to be open for everything out there to find the right answers. Its certainly not a good thing if you blindly accept one opinion of the world and deny all the others. And well, there are also people out there that say that they are open-minded while they are not. You can see that everyday (i also see it in my very own actions too…sad things). You would never accept a supernatural of religious theory of something for real just because someone said it, right? Even if the person who said it would be in a prestigious position. So, what would you say about a materialistic theory? That stuff always seems more plausible, right? Well, does it because IT IS more plausible? No, thats not always the case. We just accept that stuff more open-heartedly. Thats not weird at all though, we are all coined on that world view since we were little. No wonders we would believe that more than any other stuff.

tl;dr: Stay sceptical. Dont be a person that refuses something just because you dont think it cant be possible.



Thats just me :)

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