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Oh god, that girl started a chat with me!


Btw, before i start to write about stuff, let me tell you: That new My Sites – Design… i kinda like it. They did one thing right for once. Con-fucking-gratulations at the developers of that fine piece of work.

Well, now to the other stuff. I feel like im freezing to death right now. Good lord it became cold here these days. It was like 25°C this weekend, and now… propably like 10°C. Its not that i dont like cold temperatures; i really enjoy it if its cold outside. But good lord, its cold right now. Gotta do something about that in a sec.

Anywaaays… im working since like 3,5 weeks now. Gotta say, its not as hard as i expected it to be. I mean, right, i cant do my home research for several topics as much as i did before, but i dont think that this matters that much. I mean, i propably wont find out anything new anytime soon since science takes a while to bring up some new results. Except for that AWARE-study-thingy i once wrote about here i found pretty much nothing new out there in the last few weeks. Humans make progress everyday, sure, but at one point you just gotta wait i guess. Even though i really would like to know more. But my curiosity is propably way too much at this point.

Since i cant do to much at these kind of topics i actually thought about some other stuff. Im actually thinking about some software development projects for my free time. And even more important, the friends&love-section is active again too. In some sort of way atleast. What do i mean with that? Well, let me tell you a story.

A few days ago a girl wrote me in a chat room. Im usually online in a few of them from time to time, just to check some people out. Girls normally dont write me, so i was kinda sceptical. I got even more sceptical when i saw that her profile was totally empty. Despite the fact that she was a girl i couldnt get anything of that. And she started the conversation with some sort of insult too. You might actually think that these things arent a good start for any kind of conversation or chat.

Well, we actually chatted a bit more though. Like every evening a few hours the last few days. I dont know, i actually told her my whole life story (i always do that for a unknown reason) and she still responded. And well, we actually traded pictures. And boy, shes not that bad looking. So, point is, i dont know what to think about that.

She actually told me shes not expecting anything out of those chats in the internet, so i propably shouldnt get my hopes too high, but even so: Im atleast hoping for a new friend here. But still, it all seems weird to me. Im not good with humans, especially with girls. Thats why i never understand why someone would talk /write with me if he/she doesnt have to. And well, i dont like myself, thats propably a point too. But fuck that for a second. Even if she doesnt think that im a shitbag, i dont believe that shes just there for a nice conversation. Everyones expecting something out of those kind of things. I wonder what shes expecting. To be honest, im kinda scared to find out. Why? Well im expecting something too.

Well i dont know, lets see where this will go. Its still kind of weird that a girl starts a chat with a boy. Normally you would think its the other way around. But even so, im happy about it. Makes me feel less old and wasted. Even though im not that old.


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