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Tonight i had a weird dream…

hi guys.

I just had some sort of…weird experience. And well, without further explanations, let me tell you about it:

Just a few seconds ago i was lying in my bed, sleeping soundly. And i had the weirdest dream ever. I mean, the story itself isnt weird, but it just gets me how i can think of such a multi-layered story without cosciousnessly making it up

It was about a young man with black hair and a goaty. He suddenly woke up in a bed, being totally scared of everything while saying “he’s still alive”. I wasnt seeing it from his perspective, i just was there as an observer. He was wearing a weird robe, just like monks wear it. He suddenly stood up, running to the door. The door was right next to the bed; it seemed to be a rather small house. As he was running outside he was in our “timeline”. Atleast, thats what i thought at this point because well, i dont know why, but i could somehow make a judgement while i “watched” that stuff. So, he ran outside, always saying “he was still alive”. After that he met a random person that i dont know that tried to calm him down. While he was trying to do so they suddenly decided to travel somewhere. To be honest, i dont know why and i dont know where to. They travelled through various places; but the whole time they where following some sort of river. Just like i said, it was like he was in our timeline. I dont know how they travelled. The important part at this point seemed to be that they listened to a radio all the time where someone always repeated something about a location of an additional person.What seemed important too is that the goaty guy had at some point blond hair. His goaty was still black.

At some point they ended up at a rather large lake. It wasnt like i just suddenly saw the scene of them being at the lake; it was like i saw a television programm of the lake with some sort of narrator before i saw those 2. The lake had huge mountains surrounding it. Some of them had snow on top of them. The point where the 2 people arrived was something like a viewing platform where a lot of people, most of them in their bathing suits, watched the lake. When these 2 stood close to the edge of the viewing platform something appeared out of the lake. It seemed to be like some sort of kraken; but it wasnt like that. There where a lot of tentacles, going together to one point in the air where some sort of dude in a black armor was. After that one appeared the other 2 got totally serious.The goaty guy suddenly lost his black goaty (yeah, he lost it. It was kind flying away while he was stroking his beard). He was all blond now.

So the other dude of those 2 jumped the kraken thing. I dont know why he did it, but he did. The black armor guy on top of the tentacles somehow pulled the jumpy person up close to him. After he did that he opened some sort of orange-red portal where the one who got pulled up got sucked into. The other one with the goaty was still standing on the viewing platform, screaming “no!” all the time. Before the dude at the portal got sucked in totally the scene got black and the thing that actually happened first happened again. You know, the goaty guy woke up in his bed again, screaming “hes still alive”. Important at this point seemd that he had blond hair and a goaty with the same color. It wasnt black anymore, unlike the last time he awakened. After that i woke up for a few seconds because, well, i dont know. After that i went to sleep again and i saw him waking up again with his blond hair. That happened a few times Always when i was starting to sleep again i started to dream the same thing again. But well, at some point after that i woke up for real.

Thats the story. It strikes me amazing how im capable of dreaming something multilayered (and it is like that; i mean like, he was scream “hes still alive” for the dude he met afterwards, right? It was like a never-ending loop) like that while im sleeping. I mean, its not the first time i was having a complex dream. But its the first time it was mulitlayered…or well, lets say it was the first time it looped. I mean, i dont think that i was knowing the ending before i dreamed it. That means something inside of me made that up while i was experiencing the dream. But i actually dont understand why and more important how my non-consciousness thoughts can make it the way that the dream seem to loop.

And well, i dont understand the dream at all too. I never lost someone where i could have thought “he’s still alive”. I never met a person who told me that he or she thought that.

Additionally, the whole thing seemed rather real to me (i was so aware, it was kinda stunning me afterwards). It was like i was watching someone else, judging if hes doing the right thing.I felt like i had some sort of cosciousness – i could think about the stuff there, i could make a judgement. For my dreaming self this is totally unusual. I cant remember a dream before that where i could do that. I had a lot of dreams where i was like “along for the ride”, but i never had the ability to judge or think about the stuff while the dream was happening.

That dream was just a weird thing in total. Somehow it creeped the fuck out of me.



Thats just me :)

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