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Well i dont knooow… radio station camps are awkwaaard…

Hello there.

Today im gonna write about something…well, different.

No worries. Itll be nothing too hard to chew on.

Basically, its this:!.html

Aaand its a german link again. Well, the tldr-version: a radion station based in the area im living in will bring 10 people to a area without electricity and internet somewhere in the blackforest.They will propably learn how to deal with nature while doing so.

Idk, some of you guys might know the blackforest, right? Its a large forest region in south west germany.

So, they’ll let those guys run wild somewhere in there. Sounds fun huh?

Well, i dont know. Isnt that basically like the jungle camp? I mean, you’ll earn money if you win (5000€). And they propably will make them do awkward things too. Stuff like that is to be expected though; its for entertainment after all.

But still, that stuff seems like a weird way to gain publicity. You know, the people around here appear to be kinda serious. Germans in general are serious, i know that, but well, the people in the region here seem to be too serious to do stuff like that.

And well, i dont know guys. I just dont get it why people would do that. But i dont understand people anyways. Cant really explain it though; it just doesnt feel right.



Thats just me :)

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