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Current World View and my opinion on it


(Cheers. Im not trying to start any discussions here, let me tell you that before you read anything else. Im not up for discussing proof or crap like that. Im mostly stating my own personal opinion. If you dont like that, well, screw you.)

How are you guys doing? Looking good eh? Well, im fine over here too.

I wrote yesterday about how i wanna talk about all those important things and, you know…

I wont do that today. I actually believe that i need to think a bit more about how ill write about that stuff. You know, if you wanna be a good blogger you actually need to know how you wanna write something before you do so. Alteast sometimes if you want to get really serious about something. Its topics like dualism, materialism and god that are actually quite touchy. A lot of people get pissed if you state stuff as facts even though they think they know they’re not. Thats especially quite the serious thing because i got a personal view of my own. For example, i’d descripe myself as some sort of dualist that actually thinks that the truth is something of a mix between a lot of views out there. The thing is, i dont mind if you dont agree with me. What i do mind though is that you are criticizing others opinions without knowing any better. These topics that i mentioned are nothing that you can answer with something explicit. Thing is, many people think they can exactly do that. Why? Well, i dont know for sure.

Thats propably because of the whole science thingy. Dont get me wrong, i really like science. Its amazing what we know these days about life. Problem is, we cant explain as much as we think we can with that. Many people dont realize that. Thats pretty much the problem though. We are not all knowing. And well, what we also need to remember is that science is not something godlike. I read stuff from quite a lot of people in the internet that trust science like it knows everything. Even some academic people (and thats the guys that actually do the science we are talking about right here) think so too(well yeah, screw subjective personal experience.). And you know what? Thats just the minor problem. I guess what im more irritated by is that we actually say that we are open minded, just to crush that whole intend by banning some thoughts from our minds because they dont fit in the world view of our society.

Sure, there is history behind that. A good example for stuff that is actually banned from the current scientific materialistic world view is everything that is paranormal. To be honest, if i think about that stuff my first thought is pretty much always “but i learned that this stuff doesnt exist”. Well, doesnt it? Im the wrong person to decide that. My argument here is that many dont have any doubt about that being the truth. Why? Thats pretty much the fault of a lot of people who faked stuff to scam others. Naturally people wont trust stuff like that anymore after a while. Additionally to that, due to bullcrap the church did in the last couple of hundred years all spiritual things actually detoriated. Materialism and science where the new big things and well, they brought us to that point where humanity is right now. But there is no guarantee that this stuff is the only truth. And well, i like to believe that it isnt. That doesnt mean im into all paranormal stuff – im just saying that we should be doubtful at ALL times. Dont trust the knowledge you take for certain.

And well, in connection to that scientific proof is getting slaughtered too, especially the stuff from Neuroscience. Its amazing what these guys know about our brains and how they work – but they cant explain everything thats going on in there yet. And even if they could explain at some point where e.g. consciousness is created it wouldnt explain everything. The ‘why’ and ‘how’ would be still unanswered. And thats propably the point where quantum physics is taking over(there are quite a few thoeries about that out there, like small quantum operations in microtubbles in our brains. Note that these are still theories.). But well, thats something where the future will tell us more. We just dont know enough about that yet.

But oh well, i discussed stuff anyways. I thought i wouldnt but i still did 😦 That stuff is just…too interesting to let it slide by. Everytime im thinking about these things im getting that weird excited feeling i had when i was a kid and i bought a new amazing game. I dont know why though.



Thats just me :)