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I dont know what im doooooing…

It’s a me, it’s a…wait, i wont tell you my name. Why would i do that?

I mean like, one of you could actually think that im a sane person that is working every day. But it aint be like that pal, you know what im saying?

Im more like a lunatic that isnt running wild because the sanity is still working. Yep, that is pretty accurate. Anyways…

How are you guys doing? Still thinking about your things? I mean, im doing the same. Every day. We people of the internets are always doing our things, having fun. And im not really sure what im writing about right here, but hey, whatever. Im pretty much in a state between crazy and panic mode right now – i cant decide which one would be more appropriate. But well, you wouldnt actually decide for any one of them, wouldnt you? And you propably dont decide do be crazy and stuff, right? Because people who are doing that are attention whores. Yep. Thats how life works.And if you dont believe that, believe in me. Because i have no fucking clue what im talking about, what makes me as believable as every politican out there. I dont know what im doing, i dont know what you know and im pretty sure my head is filled with air. Perfect, i should go for Bundeskanzler (Federal chancellor or something in english. You know, something like Merkel). Hell, i dont even know if i know shit about the stuff im scared about. Im scared anyways, because i think i know that i know while i dont. Crazy shit right here. But well, on the other hand, im totally authentic because of that. And that kids is what science is all about.

Instead of me writing any more random gibberish, let me talk about some stuff i want to go on about in the neat future:

– Some of my dearest hobbies and interests. Because you guys really like to know that. I know you do, dont be shy. You WILL want to know.

– Some topics of the science world. I know that i once wrote that i cant explain shit because i dont know enough to do so – but well, let me try that anyways. There are quite a few topics that im so insanely interested in, i just cant keep it to myself.

– Well, im from Europe, and as you might know the people down here like to have fun while being totally serious about it. I mean, stuff like

is worthwhile to talk about, am i right? (Its a article about the german bundeswehr being bad. Nothing new here though. Stuff’s hilarious).

– There’s also stuff happening in my everyday life. Im seeing things from a rather unique perspective, so look forward to that stuff.

Now you might wonder, why is he summarizing AGAIN? I already did that like 5 blog posts ago. Well, i do that because i like it.

What, you cant understand that?

Well, let that wise guy make it clear for me:

Now you know.



Thats just me :)

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