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Online dating madness

so, hi guys.

Well, i already wrote about how im living in my new appartment now, right?

Its pretty large. Too large for me i guess. It feels kinda empty and lonely 😮 I dont even know what i should do about that. I can put as much stuff as i want in here, it wont get better, im sure of that. Well damn.

Btw, have you ever tried to date a girl ( or a boy) that you met on the internet? Well, i did that quite a few times. To be honest, i would like to do that again. But well, theres a problem right there: How do i find a girl that actually wants to meet somewhere? Well, to do so we need to chat with some female human beings first, right?

You may think that this is quite the easy task, but you’re wrong. I wrote like a couple hundred girls already. Most of them dont reply. I actually tried to be original for quite a while too. I read their profiles and tried to start a conversation specifically with the information that i had about them. Didnt work, they still ignored me. So, what was the problem there? Despite me being a bearded nerd, i dont really know. Im not writing anything perverted or anything like that, so that cant be the reason for that. The girls around here may be just arrogant german fucks, but im not sure if i can generalize like that right here.

So, whats the problem here? Is it because of the internet? I dont think so. Its not all bad around here; you can find someone who is actually responding. And i kinda got a feeling how to do so.

First of all you need a profile picture that shows how strong and manly you are. Im talking about muscles. Girls seem to like that. No one cares about your brain power; you might think that could be important these days. YOU’RE WRONG. Its all about the muscles. I know that some girls will stop right here and yell “but im on the internet and i dont like men with muscles”. Lies. If you would have a choice you wouldnt take the fat one.

Secondly, be pushy and perverted. Make some bad jokes. Girls seem to like that crude stuff. Why? Heck if i know. Being a douche is always a winner.

And there may be more points to that, but im getting lazy. Point is, i suck at online dating. I doubt that any coach out there could change that. But well…

Guess ill just keep trying without being a prick. Because thats how i do things.



Thats just me :)

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