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Im just sitting here…

…and they taaalk to meee.

Na, they dont. The people i mean. There’s no one around right now. And you know what? Im fine with that. And well, that statement is not totally true anyways. I was at the grocery store this morning (its called edeka in germany). And i also had to register as a new resident in that village i moved in to. I obviously had to talk there. But right now im done with that. Yep. And im sitting in my chair in front of my computer, playing games, listening to music, having a good time. The alcohol and the girls are missing though. But well, im a bearded fat nerd, guess i wont get the girls anytime soon. But alcohol, maybe. And you know what? Im perfectly fine with that. For now. A bit. I mean, it could be worse, right? :>



Thats just me :)

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