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Back from vacation

Hi guys,

im back. Well, nearly. Im still on vacation, but im going to start writing in this blog again. Got the feeling that the internet needs me and my unique view of the world. And well, since im living in my own appartment now (with my own bath, wohoo!) i can write you all the stuffs whenever i want. Alteast when im not playing Archeage, which is kinda like a drug for me these days. If you dont know that game, look it up! Its a amazing game that got ported to the west from korea. Its kinda crowded these days, but it got a lot of great features that make it worthwhile playing.

Anyways, im still thinking about a lot of stuff despite that. But you know what? Im not going to write about that. Why? Because there are no answers for a lot of these things. You can stack up all the knowledge in the world about that stuff, you wont find any solid answer that explains it all. Also, you might think about it too. Lastly, i dont have the knowledge to explain the background information for a lot of these theories out there that try to explain the world. Other people can do that better than me. So, i wont. Instead im going to write like a numb nut about silly things that might or might not happened to me. Just like i did till now. It doesnt matter how things work for now; lets have some fun šŸ˜€

Aaaand now im going to cook something to eat.




Thats just me :)

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