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Philosophical gibberish

Sorry for not posting for a few days, im on vacation right now. Or something like that – i mean, im at home, but im doing various things. I recently found a strong interested in physics, philosophy and biology, which is totally weird to me, but well.And im still pondering about the big questions in life. Especially stuff that involves life after death seems kinda interesting to me. A lot of people got a lot of opinions on this topic and if you want to get some decent information out of all that stuff you need to filter everything. And you propably shouldnt believe in any radical people. ITs totally legit to be a radical materialist or a religious person. Its also fine to believe in the quantum mind or bio-centrism or stuff like that. The important thing is: Never ever say that the stuff that you are believing in is the only thing that is possible. Because it isnt. Keep your mind open to everything and stay sceptical. We humans dont know so much stuff, i doubt that we can say what is right and what is wrong. Plus we dont see everything that is going on in this world. Even modern science cant explain everything (even though a surprisingly large number of people out there think so. Thats a thing that is associated with the current society out there. Many people think that humanity solved every mystery there ever was. That is not true though.).

Conclusion: Never stop asking questions. And dont even think that the knowledge you have right now is final. The only thing that we propably know for sure is that we dont know everything.



Thats just me :)

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