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More thoughts and youtube stuffs


Is there anyone out there that reads my stuff that actually tried to get into youtube? Im not talking about viewing stuff from other people. I mean like actually producing your own videos. I already tried that too, but i guess you need to pick some sort of category of videos you wanna do, right? I actually wanna do some sort of lets play’s, but i dont know. There are tons of lets Play-guys out there. You propably need to deliver something really good to get people to watch you.

I dont know if im actually entertaining or something, so i propably just give it a try again and see where it’s taking me. I got a lot of old games that i wanna play again anyways. Plus there are tons of new games coming. I’ll propably write a new post here with my newest results of that. It’ll propably suck donkeydicks, but you dont know that until you tried, right?

Btw, feeling a lot better today. I really felt terrible yesterday. Like, totally terrible. Cant really describe it. It’s like i was totally depressed because of life itself. At some point you got to realize that life itself is a huge burden for one human. You come fom nothing, you propably go to nothing too. Im just not fond of that thought. It could also be totally different with afterlife and everything. There is no one out there who knows for sure. It just paralizes my thoughts sometimes. Im kinda trying to recover from that these days, but its hard to recover from something that actually cant be solved. There’s always some sort of concern inside of me.

In any case, i wont write about that again. It wont do me any good to do so. I’ll propably just get sick or something from that. Instead of that i’ll try my best to live a life i really like. So, ladies, i need a girlfriend to do that. Anyone interested? 😀



Thats just me :)

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