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Motivation hats

Well, hello there.

I recently had a lot of problems motivating myself for all kinds of things. Like, eating. Sleeping. I dont know, it all seems meaningless if you are a big fat hairy nerd that is scared of every shit that exists out there. So i thought about solutions for this. I could stop thinking about things. Can i do that? No. If i could control that i would not have to think about it. Uah.

So, what to do instead? I thought about it long and hard and i actually found something that might help from time to time. Everytime i wanna get serious about things (and im not at work and im not somewhere where people that care are around me) im going to put on my motivation hat. After i did so im going to try to do the best i can at whatever i need to do at that moment. And im going to have fun while doing so. I also wont think about anything at all while wearing that fine piece of clothing too. Aint that amazing, huh?

Cant imagine how that thing could look like? Well, its kinda… unexpected.


To be honest, i normally wanted a different one, but i cant use that right now because of various reasons. Because of that this one is my replacement motivation hat. I’ll post the original one when it is ready for usage.

You should try that too. And if it doesnt work, hell you gotta look at the bright side. You are looking ridiculous as fuck, everyone will have fun while looking at you. Thats a good thing too, isnt it? (:



Thats just me :)

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