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Vacation time in germany! And friends that arrange relationships for you


So i just finished moving back to my home town for now. Im going to live there for a few days until all the furniture in my new appartment is ready. Boy what a trip.

I mean like, the highways in germany these days. Like, seriously. It’s vacation time over here and everyone and his grandma is going somewhere to chill out or do stuff. The streets cant take this. Really, they cant. I was in several traffic jams and i actually melted like four times in my car while waiting for those to clear up. Well, to do so you usually go to some sort of motorway station, am i right? To fucking bad those were crowded too. I dont know where all those people are coming from, but boy dont rest where i wanna rest. I couldnt get a parking slot on several stations too. A parking slot. I mean, the fuck?

Oh btw, while i wrote this right now (and thats pretty much also the reason why i lost the plot…) a friend of mine called me and asked me if i want to have a relationship that is solely based on fucking each other with a girl that is dumb and shallow on the inside. I mean like, wow dude. I did not know what to say to that. I tend to say yes, but im normally not that kind of guy that is just out there to fuck girls. Especially because im a fucking nerd and no one would do that kinda stuff with a guy like me. So i guess i’ll say no. But i dont know for sure. So…ehm… guess i’ll decide on that thing tomorrow.

See ya till then.



Thats just me :)

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