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The tf2 videos are strong with this one

Beep boop guys. Beep boop.

Idk, i felt like writing that again. It really reminds me so much of team fortress 2. And the awesome videos that are made with the models of that game.

Examples? Hue. Sure thing bro.

Texas Style

I wonder which song the creator took as base for that (wink wink). :3 Btw, props to TheEngiGuy for creating something good.

Something else? Alright.

Like a spy

That one (It’s made by… idk, i guess he’s called STBlackST) covers a parody out there that is pretty popular in the interwebs. You propably know it too. You dont? Use your youtubesearchbar. Do it.

Aaaand there are tons more of these. I used to watch those every day. Its really amazing what people are able to create if they put their mind to it.

I mean, right, you are getting a bit numb in your skull if you are watching that stuff too often, but that isnt necessarily a bad thing. It got its advantages. You can watch a whole season of my little pony without getting a headache! Aint that amazing? 😀 And that my children is how bronies were created.



Thats just me :)

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