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Derp thoughts on life… and a cat.

Cleaning up is fun. Well, sometimes. Today it is. I kinda forget about all the other stuff while i do that. Weird. I thought a lot about life lately and thats never good when i do that. I always get kinda scared of life then. And well, you never should get scared of that. Life is a challenge, that may be true, but its too fun and enjoyable to waste it with worrying. But well, you cant just turn those thoughts off. There’s no switch. I usually also get totally scared when i think about stuff like ‘the universe could colapse at any second, oh my gawd’. Or something like ‘when i die my whole existence is gone’. The last one blows my mind every time. Ppl will remember for a while propably, yeah, but at some point even the memories will be gone. And than im only one of those humans that died in those thousands of years our race existed. I dont know what i should think about that. And that scares me. Im normally way too young to think about that stuff, but i guess im just scared of life. One more scary thing is, no one out there can help me with that. There are no answers that say ‘yeah you are right’ or ‘nope, you are wrong’. The death cant speak and the living ppl dont know anything about it. The whole thing is even more scary because im a person that thinks way too logical. Im not much of a believer, even though i want to believe in a lot of things. But i always got some doubts about those things inside me for some reason. Weird, i know. There are so many good things to look forward to, but i still cant get all that serious stuff off my mind.


Thats why im cleaning. And propably because im moving out tomorrow, like i already wrote yesterday in one of my blog posts. God i shouldnt be that deep and philosophical. You guys are not reading this text right here to be serious, am i right? So lets change the topic back to the cleaning thingy.

The problem with that is that i got some sort of back problems sometimes because my shoulders are not equaly balanced (atleast it seems like that when i look at myself in a mirror), so it starts to hurt there after a while of doing things. And thats why im writing that blog post right now; gotta wait for dem back to recover a bit.

And man, kinda feels good to write about that stuff. Its a surprisingly nice feeling to talk about all the things you are worried about.

I hope that didnt push your moral down. And if it did, i got you covered.


Look at that amazing cat. LOOK AT IT. Aint that a beauty? (:



Thats just me :)

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