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Finished exams now. Lets be haaaaappyyyy… well, nearly.

So, i finished my exams today. Boy it was time to stop that nonsense. I did a good job at the final presentation but apparently i sucked at the written stuff. What a shame huh. I was kinda dissapointed because of that at first, but right now im just glad that all that stuff is over and done with.

The thesis i wrote was not structured enough and well, i guess im not that good at forming proper sentences. In german. Im even worse in english i assume. They told me my sentences are too complicated and to hard to understand. Plus a lot of errors. I didnt see any of that when i did the proofreading. Propably because i wrote them myself :> But well. I normally shouldnt worry about that anymore since its already done, but im still kinda… annoyed by that. I just dont get how i should have done it better. Not the error stuff, i dont mind that. Im talking about the whole structure of the text thingy. I mean like, fuck. How should i make a cone-like structure in a text? ‘Abstract stuff at the beginning, the concrete stuff at the end’. Well as much as i know i did that. I just dont see why it shouldnt be like that. But well, professors are these awkward ppl that are always complaining anyways, so i guess i shouldnt worry about it. But i still do. God damn it.

Anyways, im prepering to move out of my appartment right now. Boy that fridge was heavy. I really should have asked that other dude to help me. He offered it and stuff. But well, im dumb enough to rather break my arms before doing that. Hurray.

Btw, down below is a picture of my appartment right now:


Oh my, how comfy.



Thats just me :)

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