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Hi. Again. Again.

Hi there,

sorry for the delay of like a few months, i had a lot going on in the last weeks and was busy.

With what you may ask?

Well, i pretty much finished my master exam now. I also had a girlfriend in that time. She already left me again though. Stuff happened. A lot of it.

I also had to prepare to move to a new home. I was living in a apartment for high school studentes till now; since im finishing my exam i cant stay there anymore. Gotta move to a place somewhere else. I dont mind though. Something new is always good. Especially now. Why? Well, i got a lot of stuff going on these days, that may be true. But i still fell so amazingly alone and bored despite that. Propably because this is the time where i notice that all other ppl around me are always on the move. Im going to have new friends, i’ll forget about the old ones (wait…my old friends? I didnt have any. Oh well. Silly me.). Everything keeps moving. It just lets you fell kinda uncomfortable. Plus it lets you think about a lot of stuff like: What is life? What am i? Am i doing the right things? What should i eat tomorrow? Are bunnies little ppl with long ears? Stuff like that.

Anyways, i dont know what to expect in the future. Hopefully it’ll all work out. Somehow.



Thats just me :)

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