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Waiting for a package – RAAAAAAAAAGEEEEEEE


Na im just kidding, its not that bad. For now. But well…

Im currently waiting for a cable that i really need for the project im working on atm. Do you know that if you could fucking beat someone up because the delivering service thinks its funny to take forever? I mean, i know that these guys are just humans and that delivering stuff could take a while. But if you really, REALLY need those things desperately you just dont care anymore, am i right?

Man, they were supposed to be here like right now. But well. Nothing here. Cant do shit without that thing. Why? Well i normally wanted to post about the WHY today instead of that post here. I wrote that other stuff beforehand on my computer. But the rage told me now to do otherwise. A whole lot of technical stuff, source code of a application – a hell lot of fun was waiting just for you guys. That kind of view on these tings depends on your interested in computer stuff.

Aand so im sitting here. Man i cant even watch videos or something like that, because i wont hear the ring on the door if i do so.

German postal services (DHL! Wohoo!) sure can take their time. Where’s that german accuracy now? Seems like it is kinda lost in time and space or shit like that.


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