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Waiting for a package – RAAAAAAAAAGEEEEEEE


Na im just kidding, its not that bad. For now. But well…

Im currently waiting for a cable that i really need for the project im working on atm. Do you know that if you could fucking beat someone up because the delivering service thinks its funny to take forever? I mean, i know that these guys are just humans and that delivering stuff could take a while. But if you really, REALLY need those things desperately you just dont care anymore, am i right?

Man, they were supposed to be here like right now. But well. Nothing here. Cant do shit without that thing. Why? Well i normally wanted to post about the WHY today instead of that post here. I wrote that other stuff beforehand on my computer. But the rage told me now to do otherwise. A whole lot of technical stuff, source code of a application – a hell lot of fun was waiting just for you guys. That kind of view on these tings depends on your interested in computer stuff.

Aand so im sitting here. Man i cant even watch videos or something like that, because i wont hear the ring on the door if i do so.

German postal services (DHL! Wohoo!) sure can take their time. Where’s that german accuracy now? Seems like it is kinda lost in time and space or shit like that.



Thats just me :)

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