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Hyping the hype: Dragon Age 3

So, hi guys.

Im pretty much hyping another game now. You know, i already did that with Wildstar. That game is still awesome btw. It’ll release at the 3rd June if im not mistaken. But i already wrote about that.

Today i wanna hype the game im a pretty bad fanboy of. Have you ever heard of Dragon Age? You know, that RPG. If you dont know that, heres some explanation for you:

Dragon Age is a RPG-Game-Series where you are playing some sort of douche, rescuing the world from the dark spawn. You are not doing this alone though. A group of ppl are trying to help you. It’s propably more a strategy-group-thing than a single-player-rpg.

There are 2 parts of that series out yet. I already enjoyed both of them. But lets not talk about my opinion of these games, since i personally get a nerdgasm if i play them.

The public opinion about the first game was pretty decent. Everyone said its a good game, the story is good too and its neat how you can bond with those guys that are traveling with you in your party. Just like in other games from the same developer (->Mass Effect).

The second game…well… Guess a lot of people did not like it. Why? Hell if i know that. It was different from the first one though. It wasnt the same strategy thing as the first game. It was more action-based. The function to pause the game isnt as important as it was in the first game and stuff like that. The animations are also kinda exaggerated aaaaand so on. Stuff like that.
Also, there was a mayor flaw in the marketing strategy for that game. There was a demo out there for it, just like for a lot of other games out there. They pretty much chose the WORST level of the whole game as a demonstration. It looked like a grey tunnel of fuck. Most people just told that tale pretty much like that to everyone out there. Thus the bad opinion about it. Cant agree though. There was more to that game than just one level. It wasnt the same as the first game of the series, but still enjoyable. But well, w/e.

Aaaanyways, there is a third part coming at the 9.10.2014. Mark that in your calendar. That new part in the series will be great. The developers took a lot of the wrongs they did before, shoved them down these throats and smacked some shit. It’s pretty decent, based on that what you can see in those trailers and game convention videos. I really would like to give you the links for them, but sadly those gameplay videos are leaked and i dont want to be in trouble for posting them.

So, look the game up. It surely is interesting. If you dont think so, suck my balls.



Thats just me :)

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