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Woop woop – he’s back

Hello hello to you out there.

Sorry for not posting lately. I was busy. A bit.

Busy means: I got a girlfriend. Wohoo. I also started working on my master thesis, but thats not too time-consuming. The girl on the other hand is. She really is.

She lives like 300km (yeah, kilometers… suck my balls america!) away from me. That’s quite the distance, isnt it? I was driving to her last weekend. Took me a while, but i guess it was good. She’s living in a old house. You know, those where the roof is low. I could barely walk in there without bending forward. I really wondered why all the people back in the days where so tiny. I really did.

Well anyways, i had a good time. Im going there again at easter. The only problem i encountered as a nerdy introverted kid from the internet was: How to handle here friends and her family? You know, im not good with people. I dont really know how to talk to them and if im finally in a conversation i dont know what i should tell them. Im not interested in some lazy ass smalltalk. You know, the stuff people tell each other without listening because no one gives a fuck. Im not willing to pretend to care like many others out there. But well. Thats the problem in those situations.

Last weekend i was like sitting in their kitchen while her mother and her brother made some food. I really  did not know what i should say at that time. I still dont to be honest. I was just sitting there. Watching. I felt like the NSA or something like that.

Idk, normally that shouldnt bother me, right? But well. As a introverted person i always had problems with that in the past, so im kinda … sensitive on that topic. I also told that my girlfriend. Wanna know what she answered? I shouldnt worry about it, it’ll propably change in the future. Hell if it would be that easy if everyone in the past already told you the same thing.

Anyways, have a nice day.



Thats just me :)

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