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i got too much time on my hands…blablabla…

Well hello there.

Today im blogging again. Hurra! …
Well, atleast thats what i wanna do now. Im not sure though what to blog about. Theres not that much going on right now in my life…im actually waiting (AGAIN… lazy fucks everywhere…) for things to happen. Because everyone seems to be busy. I mean, except for me.

Its nearly 3 pm right now here in germany. The weather is…well, weird. Its that sort of weather thats not motivating at all. Grey sky, no rain, not cold, not warm. Everyone out there is working. Except for my fellow students, that are kinda learning for their exams. Btw, i already did that this morning. I Like to do things as early as possible. But well, since i already did all the stuff’s i got nothing left for now.

So, thats why im blogging now. At this moment. I mean, like wow, right? Its not like you already know that when you read that text right here. I dont wanna think about stuff instead too. Why? Well, because the things i wrote in my last blog post. That’ll just eat me alive. Kinda.

Im propably going to play some games after im done here. You know, like diablo 3. Do you know that game? Its some sort of hack and slay stuff. Pretty good to kill some time.

Anyways, there’s something i remembered right now what i actually should write down here.I dont know why you guys are following my blog and liking my stuff, but you do. Sometimes. There are not thousands out there doing so, but thats fine. Thanks for that. I appreciate the effort you put in it to click on that button to do so. God, did i really write that just now? Im getting too soft these days.

Aaaanyways(²), move along. Nothing to see here.



Thats just me :)

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