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pressuring yourself for no reason

Hello you people out there! Yes, you. The one’s that are sitting infront of the computers.

Do you know that when you are actually pressuring yourself for some sort of reason you dont understand yourself? Do you? Like when you have to do some sort of project and you have to meet up with people to get ready to work on that and you are just thinking and worrying about that all the god damn time for no reason at all?

Well. Happens to me all the time. Sadly. I dont like it. I really dont. But its not like you can do anything about that. Its not like i can just go and relax. Or empty my mind. Im not some sort of yoga person either. I just sit there like the whole fucking weekend and think about how i have to meet up with some guy from a computer lab to get access to my working environment. Idk. It totally screws me up. Hopefully i can get rid of that “character trait” soon enough. But i really doubt that.

I propably should go and smoke weed. That could help. hmmm. Or alcohol? Yeah. Fuck yeah, ill do that tomorrow.


Well, whatever. Get drunk for me today then. Habe some fun out there.



Thats just me :)

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