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Regarding Wildstar beta weekends

Hey.Let me get straight to the point this time:

Wildstar. Yeah, again. You know, there were like beta phases till now. Like in every other MMO out there. You propably know that, do you?

Well, let me tell you something regarding that in case you dont know already.

There will be more beta weekends to test the game. Even free-for-all weekends. In the future at some point as much as i know.

And there is also another deal: You can pre-order the game next wednesday. Everyone that is doing so will be able to participate in the upcoming beta weekends. All of them. My understanding is that there will be pretty much every weekend till the end of may some sort of beta though. So, throw some money out there. Yaay!

Got i hate those sunny days. I really do.




Thats just me :)

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