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Wildstar: Release date announced!

Well hello there.

I got a small announcement to make.

You propably read about that post from me, that wildstar stuff, right? Well if you didnt, do it now. Go on. DO IT. I mean, i dont wanna put pressure on you, but well…

Anyways, the developer announced the release date today. As you might know, im quite excited for that game and i was really looking forward to it. I still do. Thats why im happy about that stuff today.

Release will be at the 3.6.2014. It’s a european formated date. I dont care about the american way of dating things, it always seemed weird to me, so you gotta deal with that now.

Pre-Order will be possible next week Wednesday. So get some cash going guys and throw it at the guys at Carbine.

For all the people out there who actually wanna read the original news, here’s the link to it:

Btw, i did not forget about my series about the content of the game. I’ll go on with that tomorrow or so. I mean, i got like 2,5 months to show you guys all of that, that should be enough.



Thats just me :)

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