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random thoughts on blogging in general

Aaaand im not done yet.

There’s more for tonight.Well, let’s not call it more. Im just going to blabber about some stuff again.

Like, im not sure how wordpress actually works. Im just writing things and putting them on this blog. Sometimes im trying to view the stats to some blog posts, but i guess i wont be able to see them until i get a premium account, right? Too bad that wont be happening anytime soon.

Why? Well, im not sure if anyone is actually reading my stuff right. And i guess im not writing about anything important anyways. But i already wrote about that, didnt i. What im actually thinking about today is: Why are people actually reading blogs from others where these guys are just blabbering about their thoughts? Like me? I mean, no one reads my stuff, thats for sure. Oh, except for people who obviously made a lot of money and are happy as fuck already…right. But there are other guys out there who actually got quite a bunch of followers while just sharing their lifes with the internet. I really wonder how that works. ‘Hello guys, im going to tell you how much my life sucks!’. Why would you wanna know that?

I guess some people actually experience some cool stuff sometimes. But just today i read a blogpost from someone who told people what kind of medicaments he’s using and that he did not get enough sleep. Guess there are people out there that might care, but well… when im reading stuff like that, im just thinking: ‘dude…seriously? Shouldnt you SLEEP instead of posting random shit?!’. But idk. Im even doing the same anyways.

And i dont really know how blogging works. And you know – i dont really give a fuck. If i would know about some sort of blogger codex that is existing out there, telling people how to blog – hell i would break it as soon as i can in the wildest fashion i know. But that’s propably why no one reads my stuff. Oh well.

Anyways, if you got that far, thanks for reading my post. Have some fun out there. Get hyped and try to stay vegetarian.



Thats just me :)

2 thoughts on “random thoughts on blogging in general

  1. I read your stuff. It looks like you’re interested to know why people blog? For me I view my blog as a creative outlet where I document all the things I want learn about and where I nurture my interests. And some people like to read about other people’s lives because humans are simply very curious about one another. Good luck on your blog 🙂


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