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Dramatize your life… NOT

Hi guys.

Im actually posting regulary these days. Wtf is wrong with me? I dont know. But well. You gotta deal with it anyways. Hopefully you guys dont mind that.

Anyways, i wrote yesterday about some bills that i need to pay urgently, right? It was actually some sort of overdramatized shit i did there (I hope thats a word… overdramatized. My favorite english dictionary said ‘no’ to that, but im using it anyways now). These people just told me to pay it now and im good. Sure i also have to pay some sort of penalty but im willing to pay that happily. As long as all that stuff is dealt with. Feels good.

But do you guys now that when you are actually dramatic, but you dont have to be so? Because it isnt actually a problem, but you make one out of it? Propably, right? Atleast i hope so. Happens to me a lot. I make things bigger then they are. Im some sort of theater person who propably thinks subconciously that the whole life is a stage and im the lead actor. I mean, im not thinking that conciously, but well. Why would i try to create a drama with every piece of crap that happens to me in my life? I dont know. Maybe you do?

Dont answer to that. I dont wanna read the answers to that. They propably would be something like ‘you suck fatass’ or ‘you are retarded, thats it’. I mean, that’s the internet right here, i dont expect anything else than insults. Thats how we like it around here.

Anyways, have a nice day. And dont dramatize your life. It sucks, i tell. you that.

Eat a pizza instead. Something like that:

CAM00022Nom nom nom.



Thats just me :)

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