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The bills, i tell you, they screw your life…

Hi. Lets hear it for more random stuff! Yaaaay!

Oh well. Guess i cant hear you shouting infront of your computers.

Anyways, did you ever have some sort of situation where you actually thought ‘god damn im so screwed’? You propably did, am  i right? Im not talking about stuff where you hurt yourself. More like, you fucked up and you’ll get some serious problems because of it. I actually had something like that today. Its pretty simple though. Paying your bills is actually needed, right? Could be kinda bad to forget that. For like, 2 months. I kinda ticked out this morning because of that. I found out later on that i can propably fix that this upcoming week. Maybe. If im lucky. I sure hope i am. Hopefully those people that i need to talk to are no dicks. Well, they’re all women, so they dont have something like that anyways. But you know.

That’s one of those times when im actually fucking nervous and will propably not being able to sleep a single night this week. I’ll propably post some more stuff here because of that then. That’s right, im laying waste to the internet because i scewed up. Deal with it. trololol.

Whatever. Pay your bills and get drunk or something. Life is so much better while being drunk.



Thats just me :)

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