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Upcoming MMO: Wildstar – general knowledge

Aaaaaand hello there.

Again. As i mentioned yesterday, im going to write about some stuff concerning Wildstar. If you did not read that post i made there: It’s a new MMO that is going to be released soon.

Let me start with some general knowledge about the game. Just right after i stated the following thing though: Im expecting a lot of this game and im totally exicted for it. Im basing most of my opinions on actual ingame experience (that you can actually watch on several streams and videos i will link here). I’ll try to state some pro’s and con’s too. A lot of people got a lot of opinions. Especially in the internet.

So, after saying that, lets get to it.

The whole game is based in a sci-fi setting. You know, space ships, a lot of stuff is going on with a bunch of different races. A big ass empire is trying to conquer the universe. Stuff like that. Propably nothing too special here. There are other mmo’s like SWTOR out there that have a similiar setting (yeah, i know that game sucked).In SWTOR there were a good and a bad side, fighting over planets and stuff. It’s the same in Wildstar. There are the Exile (The good guys) and the Dominion (The bad ones). Just like in the widely known genre king WoW there are several races playable on each side.

The Exile’s got the humans, the Aurin, the Granok and the Mordesh.

The Dominion is getting to it with the Cassians(->humans), Draken, Chuas and the Mechari.

Further information on all the races is stated right here, im too lazy to go in detail about them: Wildstar races

According to some statistics on watchwildstar the Aurin and the Cassians are the most popular, followed by the Chua and surprisingly the Mordesh. Well, why is that so surprising to me? These guys are some sort of zombie-rotten-flesh kind of thing. I personally dislike stuff like that. Guess a lot of other people really differ in their opinion there.If you are too lazy to google a picture of them, there you go:

mordesh-groupNow that i look at that pic, they could be technically modified elfes. But idk.

Anyways, lets get going. There are 6 different classes out there that are playable:

1. Stalker
2. Medic
3. Engineer
4. Esper
5. Spellslinger
6. Warrior

Each of those classes can be used in 2 different roles. What does that mean? Well – the Esper for example is a light armor class. It can be played as a damage dealer (it’s some sort of burst class) and as a healer. That totally depends on your stats and the skills that you choose.

What brings me to another important point. There are only 8 skills on the bar. Yeah. 8. If you already know that kind of system from Guild Wars 2 you got shitload of advantages. WoW players need to rethink here. You got a pool from like 30 skills to choose from to put 8 of them in your skillbar. And use them. I guess you actually have to think about what you need and what not. Im actually really fond of that.
Picture for reference (for informed guys out there, its the new wildstar ui like it is shown on the official website):

Im propably going to talk about the pve, pvp and the classes in some posts later on this and next week. There is also some basic stuff still missing, like the path system (thats actually interesting though). Whats also important (but the text right here is already long enough <.<) is the fighting system; highly dynamic stuff. But im going to talk about that in my next post.

Agenda should be like that:

1. general knowledge (that post right here)
2. fighting system/path system
3. pve content (that could take some time…)
4. pvp conent (oh well…)
5. classes and so on in detail

Until then, have some fun. And watch some streams and vids if you are interested:



Thats just me :)

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