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Private Issues you people do not care about

Hi guys. Let me tell you some stuff you dont give a fuck about. Just because i can.

Took me quite a while do post here again. I was busy with daily stuff like a shitload of projects. And some sort of real life. Not sure if i could call it real life, since it started on the internet.
It wasnt exactly something great though. How unexpected. In my last posts i wrote about someone im currently dating, right? It was a girl i met in a chat room. She was a nice person and everything. I met with her this weekend too, and well… Things did go well. Or atleast, thats what i thought. Guess she thought something different. She actually told me this morning that i shouldnt get my hopes up for more than a friendship. Im not sure, but this is what the people call “friendzoned”, right? It wasnt unexpected though. I already saw that one coming. She never showed a single emotion towards me, even so she said something different. Makes you think, right? I actually pursued that a little while longer because i thought it could work out anyways.

Well, it didnt. Im not even mad about it. Im more mad about the fact that it took her so fucking long to realize that she’s a cunt. Oh well.

Since im not good at being friends with girls that i used to like i called that whole friendship stuff off. In my opinion you cant be friends after you got dumped.

Well, conclusion off that: Dont drag stuff like that out for too long, it will bite you in the ass. Guaranteed.



Thats just me :)

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