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Hyping the hype: Wildstar

Aaand hi.

While im at it for today, let me post some more stuff. Its not aobut some sort of rl-drama, no worries there. Im not actually having as much real life as the most other people out there. But thats fine, not everyone likes to be out there. Im totally fine with being here in my room with my computer. Ranting about stuff on the internet.

But well, this time…i dont want to rant about something. Surprising, isnt it? I mean, i actually havent done anything else on this blog. But well, this time…things will be different.

Let me tell you something about this new MMO out there. Yeah, thats right. Im going to hype a MMO. Go on and wet your pants guys. Im going to talk about Wildstar. All the american viewers out there propably already know about it. It seems to be well known over there. Here in Europe most people seem to not give a fuck about it. Idk why, since its amazing. But that could be a personal opinion. Maybe.

Well anyways, its a MMO. For you guys out there who dont know shit about that, its called Massive Multiplayer Online Game. A lot of people having fun together. Or beating the shit out of each other verbally. Everything’s possible there.

Wildstar is one of those. Its going to be released soon. Soon isnt defined. Unfortunately. The developers are some sort of trolls. They dont want to publish the actual release date. Idk why.

Whats so special about that one? Well, im propably going to make several blog posts about that, but let me start like this: Its some sort of combination of Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft. And in detail, they combined the fighting system of Guild Wars 2 with the questing and the end game of Wow.

Sounds great, doesnt it? Well, it feels like that too. Im normally not allowed to say that beause of the nda, nut i participated in some beta-events for that game. It really is amazing. Atleast for now. I know that all kind of games seem to be amazing at first. But after a while, they’re getting boring and lame and whatever… I cant guarantee that this game is different there. No one can. Only a few people tested the end game features till now. I heard they had like one big warplot-match till now and only a couple of raids. Btw, warplots are some sort of Guild vs Guild – fights. Every guild can buy something similiar to a castle, called warplot. You can armor that beauty up till you are out of money. And then, well. 2 Guilds collide. And beat the shit out of each other. Sounds fun to me. x)

Anyways, im really looking forward to it. Im going to make more posts about that in the future – propably the pvp (they did not publish that much information about that part of the game till now) and some great parts of the pve that i really like.

Stay tuned if you are interested.



Thats just me :)

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