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And there he goes again…

Sorry for not being able to post in the last couple of days. Its not like you guys would mind right. I had a cold and some stuff to do. There were like 5-6 projects out there. Had to deal with them first. Im not totally done with them yet, but im close to the deadline.

They are all about some sort of computer graphics. You know, stuff like ‘produce a movie made of real life sequences and computer animated stuff’. The other one was a distributed management system. Nothing to big, just a small one that is capable of doing some minor work.

Its kinda frustrating how much work is piling up right at the start of the new year. Its like life suddenly decided to kick you in the balls, while it was all friendly and shit in the last year. And right now there would be so much other stuff to do. Like playing all the new games out there. Idk if you guys are into mmo’s, but e.g. the elder scrolls online will be released soon. Im also interested in some sort of asia grinder that will be in open beta next week (Yulgang 2^^).

And well, i suddenly got to meet a girl that i really like too. Im not sure about her feelings though, but oh well. That wouldnt be fun if i would know about her thoughts about me, right? That would be too easy.

Aaand i also could do some sports…. But i wont. No worries, i dont give a flying shit about new years resolutions. And thats why i dont have any of them. Im not sportive or anything and that wont change in the near future.

Lots of stuff to do, propably the same for you guys out there. Ill propably try to think about some great stuff i could write about right here. We will see about that soon enough. Itll propbly just some weird rants or video gaming stuff.

W/e. Have fun out there.



Thats just me :)

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