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rant about the reaction of german politicians to the newest nsa exposures

Hi there.

Welcome to another rant about stuff.

This time i’d like to talk about the nsa espionage. You know, im not from the usa, but there is still a lot of stuff going on over here in europe because of that. I just found that cute article right here:

You may not be able to read that. Let me translate this for you:

German politicians are outraged because of the newest exposures of the newsmagazine spiegel that the nsa used even more powerful methods than before ever known. blablabla. Well, the rest of the article is something like ‘was it okay for the nsa to do stuff like spying on computers? Is it okay to do something like that to defend a country?’.

Im not really sure if the author of this article tried to be sarcastic or something like that. Surely it wasn’t okay to do stuff like that. But thats not the issue here why im making fun of this.

Im more impressed how the german politicians can talk bad about that while obviously knowing about it since ages. And im sure of it that they’re doing similiar stuff too. It’s not like they are better. It’s just that their methods are not publicly known yet. And its not actually sure if they even agreed to it anyways (im not believing a single thing those guys from the cdu/spd/whatever are saying). Thats why these kind of articles where the ‘important politic persons’ are talking about others wrongdoings are kind of funny.

Well anyways, if i said anything wrong about that topic, im not that much into politics. But fyi: The cdu and the spd are the parties that formed up the new government in germany. Ms. teflon Merkel is still the federal chancellor. Sadly. I wasn’t voting for her this year, be sure of that.

Anyways, im done with that for now. Have a good time and happy new year to you all.



Thats just me :)

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