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rant about the blog-consulting people out there


Good day to you. Or something like that. I was wondering in the last few days while doing that blog thingy right here: Why is it that there are so many freaking people out there who want to give me tips for my blog?

You know, i could understand that if i would’ve asked for it. I didnt. Do you really wanna help that much? Well, thats propably a good thing. How about starting at someone who actually wants the help? Or you also could get some real hobbies instead. Or if you actually wanna help, how about going to the next animal shelter? The beings there could use some help.

You might have noticed, im not fond of those kind of people that are forcing themselves on you (the hate….gnaargh). They seem to me like some sort of attention whores. Or is there some money to earn? Yeah, propably there is. Otherwise there would be no reason to do that, right? There’s always a profit. Attention or money. Or well, sometimes attention is money.

To be honest, i dont really care if that what im doing here is appropriate. It propably isnt. Im not writing stuff here to get as many followers as possible or crappy stuff like that. I actually dont get anything from someone following me anyways, right? Im thankful to everyone who’s actually doing so, but thats all there is to it. im not earning money with it and i wont spread some fucked up opinion. Im just having fun making my thoughts public. It seems kinda good to me that others could actually read what im angry about.

So, leave me the fuck alone, okay? I dont need tips. And if i actually do need them in some distant future, i will ASK for them. So dont even think about posting another shitty blog-consulting comment. I’ll ignore them anyways x)

Btw, sorry for the harsh words, but some things just need to be written like that.



Thats just me :)

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