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Playing video games competitively – the unfriendly player issue

Hi again.

I actually got some kind of topic to talk about this time. Did you every play video games?

Well, what a dumb question. Sure you did. But did you try to play it competitively? Im talking about playing against other human players. You can do that mostly in shooters, but there are other games as well that are allowing that kind of stuff. Like League of Legends, wow, guild wars 2…

Theres a wide variety of games where you can play like this. I personally do that in guild wars 2. Its a bugged game with a lot of weird balancing and everything, but well. I still like it somehow. Its like that plushy you had as a kid that looked horribly but you still never wanted to throw it away.

Anyways, i could go on now about why the wide public audience of people thinks that these kind of people are tards. But well, i rather not. Let me talk about something else instead: Why is it that a insane huge amount of these players that are actually good are unfriendly? I mean, everyone that actually played that kind of stuff already knows about it, right? You get beaten by some kind of guy, hes flaming you. Why? Cant you just leave? Its god damn frustrating enough to lose, so just gtfo. But they dont. I dont really understand that. Is it really that funny to poke someone who’s actually angry about losing? I guess its propably because they’re feeling good and they want to feel even better by rubing it in the losers face. Thats propably not a thing thats actually restricted to video games, isnt it? But there are other things like teabagging and…you know, stuff like that. You all did it before. Im sure of it.

Anyways, in my opinion no one should be talking bad about someone who lost in a game. They tried, right? Be happy about winning, thats okay. But dont be a dick. It’ll propably backfire anyways. You never know what the internet people are capable of.

I just stumbeled across that while playing this afternoon. Btw, im just adding some weird tags to this because i like them. I dont think that that any of them is actually related to this little rant. But you know – who cares? 😀



Thats just me :)

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