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So, well… what should i write?

Hi there.

Took me a while to create a new post here. Wanna know why? Theres a important reason for it. I was lazy. Like hell i was. Not because it was Christmas or anything. Im not into that kinda stuff with all the celebrating and everything (Christmas mood…yeah, right. Dangalang). Im more like just too lazy to write stuff here because of my laziness itself. Even though i would have a lot to tell. Propably. But well, when you are reading this you propably have a blog on your own. I guess you know the problem then: How to write things?

Just now i thought really hard about that. I propably should just write what comes to my mind. Guess that wouldnt be good for the kids though. I could write about the music im listening to, but that wouldnt be good either. Can i get banned for writing inappropriate stuff on wordpress? Yeah, propably.

Well anyways, then it came to my mind: Let’s talk about life. Yeah, that stuff we are living through every god damn day. I dont mean life in general. Im not a philosopher or anything like that. I got my own little view on that all anyways.

More like all the christmas stuff right now. I wrote it before in this post, i dont care about that all. But why do other people care about it? Yeah, the presents. Thats propably a good reason for many people. But there has to be more to it. Like, meeting up with your family, having fun together. Thats propably true too for many of you guys out there. But why all that decoration stuff and all the tree’s and everything? First off, i know there are legit reasons for that kinda stuff. Historical stuff. (Like that for example: ). But im sure that people dont care about that kinda stuff.

Well, in the end its propably just tradition for the most of them out there. Not questioning a single thing is pretty popular these days anyways, isnt it? If you wanna celebrate that kind of event, inform yourself about it. Like why you are celebrating it to begin with. There are a ton of people out there that dont know. But im propably the wrong person to actually discuss that topic anyways since in dont care, right? x)

But, well. Let me show you how the japanese nerdy folks celebrate that stuff over there, just for reference:


To be honest, that doesnt actually look that bad to me. Eating stuff, getting drunk, watching anime. Could be worse. I kinda did it the same way since i couldnt go home this year for personal reasons. Sadly without the ‘getting drunk’ part. Hue.

Anyways, thats enough random stuff for now. Get drunk or something. Do it.



Thats just me :)

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