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let me tell you guys a story…

Well hello there.

Just created my account here, looking forward to expressing myself on this website.I dont think that anyone can expect anything from me here and thats probably a good thing. Doing things without expectations is something thats usually not happening in this world, so its propably a nice change for once.

Ill propably try to start some sort of story here later on since im really interested in writing and stuff like that. I already tried do create a longer story without making it public, but its hard to write something like that down while knowing that theres no chance that someone could actually read it. Im not sure if anyone would read it here, but atleast theres the chance for that. Great possibilites and stuff like that, you know. Btw, im sorry if there are some sort of mistakes in my english here, im not an native english person. Spare me any comments on that kind of topic please.

Im also a great fan of computer games, especially mmo’s and rpg’s. Sounds a bit nerdy i bet. You know what i’d say about that? I dont care. Im playing this stuff for the lul’z and i will as long as it is fun to do so.

In addition to that im normally working in the software development sector. Im that weird kind of person that actually develops that kind of stuff that you are using on you computers and so on.

Im not sure yet what ill write in this blog. Or if i will actually write anything at all. Ill be trying though. Itll be something about the stuff i wrote up there. Games, my interest in writing stories or computer stuff. Who knows. And im actually writing the word ‘stuff’ way too often. I know.



Thats just me :)

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