I read that neuroscience stuff on reddit…some thoughts on that

Well well, look who we have here.

Thats what i like to say, but since im not seeing you in person right now that’d be kinda awkward.

Anyways, how are you guys doing? Close to finishing another week of work, huh? Yep, im also happy that im closing in on that weekend. That week went by pretty fast, i have to admit, but ahm… i did a shitload of research. As you might know from your own experience, it wears you out if you are always thinking about serious stuff. Especially when you are not satisfied with that what you’ll find.

You see, i found the /science-section on reddit yesterday. And well, since i am me i just went directly to the neuroscience part of it(Even though i already knew that i would think about it for days). Theres something like a subsection for it there. You know, the stuff there is pretty interesting, i have to admit. But ahm… there was that AMA with those 2 neuroscientists yesterday. Just when i went there it happened. And you know, theres always a guy who’ll asking a neuroscientist about his take on dualism. I could have guessed the answer on that before though. Its pretty much always something like ‘I hope to eradicate it.’ or like ‘i dont believe in it. Neuroscience proves it cant be right’. Or stuff like ‘there’s stuff like brain damage and drugs that prove that there cant be any dualism at all’.

Thats all stuff that i read before, its nothing new. Even so, that neuroscientists state stuff like that so clearly iritates me every time. How do they know that they are right? They dont have a single doubt about it. Some of their other statements cotradict that what i wrote above: They believe they know like close to nothing about how the brain works. They dont know how the brain works with memories and they truly dont know how consciousness is formed. They believe they know the last one though. But they also admit that this one is just a vague theory. Im not a expert on that field, but this stuff sounds to me like that is all just theories. Something else could also be right. And since you can look at everything from atleast 2 sides…
Right, i also know that i have to find out where those guys are coming from to fully understand why. One of those guys was the owner of his own neuroscience-lab. He was the boss. Both are respected persons with a high reputation. Plus they are working in neuroscience. If you exclude any person believes (they might just think so because they want to.) they cant state anything else if they dont wanna lose their positions. They would lose everything they worked so hard for. I mean, no one would trust a neuroscientist that is believing in anything that relates to dualism, right? Just look at Eben Alexander. He’s pretty much done with neuroscience. Why? Because he said that he had an NDE and he believes in it. Im not saying that i believe in what he’s saying (his background is rather…suspicious. I mean, he had no money, he had no reputation as much as i know… he wouldnt have lost too much anyways). But hes a rather good example what happens if you dont go for the world view your area of science believes in. They pounded him really hard to the ground. The whole thing pretty much shows: You are not just stating a personal believe if you say stuff like that, you are risking the life you are currently living. That relates to every area of science that is working closely to material-related issues. In my area of expertise, computer science, well… its not that problematic. Im working with machines – no one cares what i think about humans. As long as i dont get weird thoughts about machines though.Anyways, it still iritates me. They are so sure of what they’re saying. No doubts at all(Or lets say, they are not stating these doubts). What makes them think that it cant be different? They may know more than me (and you too), but they clearly state that they dont know enough to explain those kind of things. Stating that they will know at some point and thats why dont believe in that stuff – its fine and clearly acceptable. But thats not science anymore. Even so, there were quite a bunch of people who would take that opinion as a fact, just because a scientist said so. That reminds me of a sentence that i read somewhere else: ‘science is god’. Hmmmmmmm. Seems to be true for some people out there.


Linux – the source of all evil


I hate linux. I really do. I clearly remembered that today at work. If you dont know what that is, let me explain: Linux is a machine that produces dogmatic people that are posessed by a penguin. And if thats not enough, NO – the soul of that very penguin is regulary haunting software developers EVERYWHERE on that planet. Especially the poor guys that are trying to set up a server with minimal software.The terminal is a black gate to oblivion, trying to devour your soul by making you type weird things on a keyboard. Stuff like ‘ifconfig’, ‘iptables’ and that stupid vi-editor will slowly drive you insane. And if you are on the brink of losing yourself, dont worry – the cocky colleague thats sitting right next to you will tell you how easy it is. GUARANTEED. And dont try to say ‘but its better then mac OS’. Wait a second right there. Mac OS is bad, i agree. But PLEASE. The penguin knows no mercy – the apple atleast tastes good at first sight.

So beware of that penguin thing. He looks all friendly and everything, but hes your enemy. AND HES COMING FOR YOU TOO.


My mind is spinning…in circles! And with stereo sound!


So, i got a question today. Nothing serious, dont worry, its just about games. You know, that stuff that you do in your free time when you got nothing else to do or when you are a friendless scrub like me. So…

Archeage or League of Legends?

On the risk that i sound like a big fucking retard, but aahm…

I cant decide. But i want to :( I just wanna do one thing. I dont want to change the things i play every damn time. But but but… waaaaawwadfsdfas! Im just so bored of Archeage and MMO’s in general, i wanna change something. I never played LoL seriously before, i might try that. Or not.

No seriously, i dont know. Any opinions on that? I know that both are games that are not even CLOSE to be comparable, but FUCK THAT. Gimme dat comparison.

Guess i gotta decide on a latter date on that one.

Anyways, did other stuff happen around here? Yup, it did. Or well, it didnt. BUT because it didnt it did. Do you guys remember that blog post about that girl i wrote with just recently (like ~1 week ago)? Yeah. That one. She fucking stopped writing with me the day i posted that one. THE IRONY. OH MY GOD. Im always so confused by that. Why? BECAUSE THAT GIRL CANT EVEN TELL ME THAT SHE DOESNT WANT TO WRITE. Its like when you go up to a person, say hi and everything and get into a conversation, just to pull your pants down and run away while swinging your penis in circles. JUST LIKE THAT.

But, im not mad. I mean, im a sophisticated person, right?…

Fuck that. I was mad as fuck. I always am when stuff like that happens. Why? Because im believing in people. But well, thats propably the one thing you learn first in life: Dont believe in people. But i still do. Damn.

And soo, im (still!) that lonely guy, sitting in his appartment. Im right on my way to becoming a hermit! I mean, im growing a beard (and its getting freaking long these days…), it wont take forever to make that one white, im living alone, im not doing stuff with people, im thinking about life… Dude, im not becoming a hermit, im already one! I should start a church or something. I’ll call it: The church of bearded nerds. Those people wont get together somewhere to pray to god, no – it wont be connected to those sort of things. I mean, pray to your god, i dont care! The church of the nerds wont interfere with that kind of business! We will teach a way of LIFE there. Do you wanna grow a beard that you can use as a towel (even if you are girl, it doesnt matter)? Do you wanna have no sex EVER? Do you wanna be scared of everything that actually got more than 2 dimensions? Do you wanna look ugly and still feel good about it? Well, i got just the solution for you. So, first step. Look at that featured picture. LOOK AT IT. What do you think while doing so?

NO. Everything else except ‘oh my gawd, that shit is so funny, omfg rofl lololol’ accepted. And if you can name that person right there too, dude, you are already half way there on your way to becoming a nerd. Because nothing else screams more nerd than watching half-naked people in spandex that are acting like they would beat each other up. NOTHING.

And so, dear sir’s and ladies… Praise the sun!

Six reasons to believe in god: A analysis of a sceptical dualist

Hello there!

Took me some time to write a new blog post huh? Well, im sorry. I was kind of busy reading a lot of stuff about a few of my favorite topics out there. Dualism, the brain, god, religion. You know, all that stuff you wouldn’t read right before you go to bed because it makes you think.

While doing so i found a article about several reason why we should believe in god:


I just wanna talk about them right here for a few moments because those points seem rather fundamental to a lot of people that believe in god.

But before i start, let me make my position on that stuff clear again. It is always important to know the position the person is viewing all that stuff from. Im a dualist in some sort of way. Do i believe in god? Well, im not sure. I dont believe in the traditional religious way, thats for sure. I personally think a lot of things people are reffering to these days is the same thing though. God, mind-at-large (-> Bernardo Kastrup, you propably know that one if you were resarching consciousness at some point). I even think that the ‘random’ from random events is in some way the same as god. Random refers to to something that we cant explain with our current knowledge. Though i know that not every ‘random’ event could be god since it may be explainable in the future some major random events could be explained by that. To sum that all up, god isnt a bearded guy in a cloud or anything like that. But well, there still could be something. Nothing in this world proves or disproves that.

Aaaaaaaaanyways, im drifting of. Where was i?

Ah, the link with the 6 arguments why we should believe in god. Lets start to go through that stuff:

1. Does God exist? The complexity of our planet points to a deliberate Designer who not only created our universe, but sustains it today.

As much as i know that one is called the fine-tuned universe argument. You read it quite a lot in religious explainations why their image of god is the right one. So, does the complexity point to a designer? Well, difficult to say, huh? If all the things that are neccessary for life should have totally happened randomly (random not refering to god at this point) … well, the propability for that would be rather low. But still, it happened, right? Everyone that is reading this is the living proof for that. So, it could also be that we just hit the jackpot there. Theres a small chance of hitting it, but we did it. Could be, right? There are also a lot of naturalistic approaches to this too. Multiverses and stuff. People like Steven Hawking are believing in that. So, what is a better explanation for this? In my opinion the idea of the multiverse doesnt nullify the fine-tuning argument. Why would it do that? If there is a infinite number of universes out there, they cant be created from nothing, right? Everything that we know of isnt created out of nothing. Why would you think that in this case it would be different? And since its created out of something you might wanna say someone had to start the process too.

To sum it up, i think the fine-tuning thing isnt all that wrong, but its… frail. Why would i think it is not wrong? And what, frail? Well, you know, i talked about the meaning of random earlier on, right? In my opinion random could also refer to god. So even if you say that life happened randomly it could still mean that god was at work. Its just a different word for the same thing. But that whole thing just works if you take the assumption that randomness is god. The frail thing… you know, perfect conditions for life is a weird thing to say. The conditions we have here are perfect for the life as we know it, right. But we dont know if life could have been created in some other kind of environment. We found no evidence out there that there is some sort of other beings, but we cant rule it out. We would have to know the whole universe to know that. Not possible. And even though that one is a rather weak argument itself, it shows that its easy enough to put a dent in the fine-tuning idea.

2. Does God exist? The universe had a start – what caused it?

I was already writing about this a few lines before. Theres was a small propability for everything to be as it is. There are arguments out there that try to explain that stuff without god (even though, if you go for stuff like the multiverse, who created that large number of universes?). If you try to explain it with randomness, like i wrote it before, it totally depends on your definition of random.

And well, some thoughts on the muliverse thing: IF there is a infinite number of universes, everything that could have happened would have done so in one of those universes, well, wouldnt there also be a universe where we would gather all of our consciousness of other universes and over there all of that lives on forever? I mean, we can imagine it, therefore it’s a thing in the multiverse, right?(Since there could be totally different laws of nature over there) And well, something had to start the infinite loop too. Boils down to the ‘it just happened’-thing.

IF you say that there is a finite number of universes, well, who said that there should be like 10? A totally random thing, huh? And there you go, we did a full circle of explanations right there.

Thing is, as much as we know and if you are not fond of saying ‘it just happened, without someone doing anything at all’ there must have been a catalyst. Was it the image of god we are always refering to? Was it a pink unicorn that shoots sharks? I dont know. You propably dont know either.

3. Does God exist? The universe operates by uniform laws of nature. Why does it?

That one sure is mind-wrapper. What about our laws of nature? They could be totally different and as the article states, totally random everywhere. But they are not (atleast as much as we know it). And well, they can be always explained with math. Amazing, right? There isnt a legit explanation for that at all. ‘Someone said it should be like that’, well, could be. But still, if you apply multiverses again, there might be a universe somewhere that got random laws of nature. But do we know that? Nope. Its as much of a explanation as god.

4. Does God exist? The DNA code informs, programs a cell’s behavior.

As a programmer myself that one is stunning. Theres a code inside of us, oh my god!(How ironic to say that while discussing about god). Is there no biological explanation for that? Oh believe me, a lot of people thought really hard on that one. There are plenty of theories out there for that, im sure of it. It could have been evolution. Every change could have been written in our DNA just while it happened. But then we get another question: Why would nature do that? And well, who is nature anyways? Well, first question, no answer. Why? You could say AGAIN ‘it just happened, deal with it’. But i guess you already noticed that, i dont like that kind of stuff. At all. One could say that nature did that so we can reproduce those changes later on. And a lot of more questions arise. Why would nature want that? And well, the important question: Wait what, nature ‘wants’ something? How can it want something if it is just a sum of ‘it just happened’-things?

Plenty of stuff, rather weird theories all around. There is no solid explanation for that whole thing. God seems a rather easy assertion for it though.

5. Does God exist? We know God exists because he pursues us. He is constantly initiating and seeking for us to come to him.

That one is rather subjective. Sure some people had the feeling that they got pursued. I sometimes have that feeling too. Is it god or just our mind, playing a trick on our perceptions and feelings? That again depends on your view on things. Do you think everything is materia? Well, you might wanna say than that its just a trick of the brain. Can that be proven? You can create some of those feelings and everything with drugs or if you’re playing with peoples brains. Can it explain everything? Nope. Thats where science just takes the ‘we know it all’-position. We are not even sure about the whole creation of thoughts thing, how would we know if that feeling and these thoughts about someone pursuing us are just made up? And well, since all of that is subjective anyways, we cant prove if the illusions of the brain are the same then the things we have everyday. We can scan the brainwaves and the blood in the brain, yep. Does that account for the perceptions we all have? Ah well, im not sure about that one. Partly i guess. Doesnt explain the perception itself though; it just creates a connection between the perception and the brainwaves/blood flow. And so ooooon…

6. Does God exist? Unlike any other revelation of God, Jesus Christ is the clearest, most specific picture of God revealing himself to us.

That one is propably the only one that i have to refute with a clear position. Is there a chance that Jesus existed? Well, maybe. Was he miracle-worker? Well, i dont know, i wasnt there. Was he the son of god? Hell no. For me personally the whole story boils down to how you wanna understand the bible. The bible isnt a book with pin-point accurate stories of things that actually happened. They explain vaguely some events of the past though. Example?


You know the whole story of the 3 kings, travelling to Bettlehem, dont you. Archelogical findings suggest that they where from Babillon. The people there knew a lot about astronomy, so they propably calculated that the star that was actually there at the date the bible tells us(that star can be seen from earth in certain time intervalls). Well, and if you are a guy that likes stars, you wanna see them, right? There could be several reasons why they went to another area to watch the star.  They just did it. They just could have been stargazers.

But things like the whole jesus-story are just there to teach us values and morals. Just like the ten commandments. They are propably nothing that came from god. Humans just thougt that these rules are important for beings to live happily with each other. They just wrote it differently down, what isnt surprising at all. Different times, different way to write things.

Well, did you get any knowledge of that? I do hope so.

To sum it all up, its not wrong to believe in god and its not wrong to believe for those reasons right there (…except for the last one propably). And well, the other thing is, its not wrong to not believe in god for the same reasons. That stuff isnt something that can be exactly defined at any point. There are tons of theories out there; most of them are garbage (thats not only correct for theories that rely on religious stuff; not everything that tries to explain in a naturalistic and materialistic way is plausible). In the end it boils down to a point where you have to decide for yourself. There wont be any final proof anytime soon for any thoery out there.

Btw, another thing is: The whole article was written by believers in god, you might have noticed that. The most of it is reasonable except for the last part. That last bit is a good example of propaganda. Im talking about that stuff in general. Religious propaganda is just as bad as science propaganda. I wrote about the whole ‘we know it all’-position, of science, right? There is a common believe that science will find the answers to everything. Absolutely everything. Thats a religion too you know. Science got its limitations too. Thing is, these days the materialistic-science religion got a lot of popularity. We have to be open for everything out there to find the right answers. Its certainly not a good thing if you blindly accept one opinion of the world and deny all the others. And well, there are also people out there that say that they are open-minded while they are not. You can see that everyday (i also see it in my very own actions too…sad things). You would never accept a supernatural of religious theory of something for real just because someone said it, right? Even if the person who said it would be in a prestigious position. So, what would you say about a materialistic theory? That stuff always seems more plausible, right? Well, does it because IT IS more plausible? No, thats not always the case. We just accept that stuff more open-heartedly. Thats not weird at all though, we are all coined on that world view since we were little. No wonders we would believe that more than any other stuff.

tl;dr: Stay sceptical. Dont be a person that refuses something just because you dont think it cant be possible.

Oh god, that girl started a chat with me!


Btw, before i start to write about stuff, let me tell you: That new My Sites – Design… i kinda like it. They did one thing right for once. Con-fucking-gratulations at the developers of that fine piece of work.

Well, now to the other stuff. I feel like im freezing to death right now. Good lord it became cold here these days. It was like 25°C this weekend, and now… propably like 10°C. Its not that i dont like cold temperatures; i really enjoy it if its cold outside. But good lord, its cold right now. Gotta do something about that in a sec.

Anywaaays… im working since like 3,5 weeks now. Gotta say, its not as hard as i expected it to be. I mean, right, i cant do my home research for several topics as much as i did before, but i dont think that this matters that much. I mean, i propably wont find out anything new anytime soon since science takes a while to bring up some new results. Except for that AWARE-study-thingy i once wrote about here i found pretty much nothing new out there in the last few weeks. Humans make progress everyday, sure, but at one point you just gotta wait i guess. Even though i really would like to know more. But my curiosity is propably way too much at this point.

Since i cant do to much at these kind of topics i actually thought about some other stuff. Im actually thinking about some software development projects for my free time. And even more important, the friends&love-section is active again too. In some sort of way atleast. What do i mean with that? Well, let me tell you a story.

A few days ago a girl wrote me in a chat room. Im usually online in a few of them from time to time, just to check some people out. Girls normally dont write me, so i was kinda sceptical. I got even more sceptical when i saw that her profile was totally empty. Despite the fact that she was a girl i couldnt get anything of that. And she started the conversation with some sort of insult too. You might actually think that these things arent a good start for any kind of conversation or chat.

Well, we actually chatted a bit more though. Like every evening a few hours the last few days. I dont know, i actually told her my whole life story (i always do that for a unknown reason) and she still responded. And well, we actually traded pictures. And boy, shes not that bad looking. So, point is, i dont know what to think about that.

She actually told me shes not expecting anything out of those chats in the internet, so i propably shouldnt get my hopes too high, but even so: Im atleast hoping for a new friend here. But still, it all seems weird to me. Im not good with humans, especially with girls. Thats why i never understand why someone would talk /write with me if he/she doesnt have to. And well, i dont like myself, thats propably a point too. But fuck that for a second. Even if she doesnt think that im a shitbag, i dont believe that shes just there for a nice conversation. Everyones expecting something out of those kind of things. I wonder what shes expecting. To be honest, im kinda scared to find out. Why? Well im expecting something too.

Well i dont know, lets see where this will go. Its still kind of weird that a girl starts a chat with a boy. Normally you would think its the other way around. But even so, im happy about it. Makes me feel less old and wasted. Even though im not that old.

Tonight i had a weird dream…

hi guys.

I just had some sort of…weird experience. And well, without further explanations, let me tell you about it:

Just a few seconds ago i was lying in my bed, sleeping soundly. And i had the weirdest dream ever. I mean, the story itself isnt weird, but it just gets me how i can think of such a multi-layered story without cosciousnessly making it up

It was about a young man with black hair and a goaty. He suddenly woke up in a bed, being totally scared of everything while saying “he’s still alive”. I wasnt seeing it from his perspective, i just was there as an observer. He was wearing a weird robe, just like monks wear it. He suddenly stood up, running to the door. The door was right next to the bed; it seemed to be a rather small house. As he was running outside he was in our “timeline”. Atleast, thats what i thought at this point because well, i dont know why, but i could somehow make a judgement while i “watched” that stuff. So, he ran outside, always saying “he was still alive”. After that he met a random person that i dont know that tried to calm him down. While he was trying to do so they suddenly decided to travel somewhere. To be honest, i dont know why and i dont know where to. They travelled through various places; but the whole time they where following some sort of river. Just like i said, it was like he was in our timeline. I dont know how they travelled. The important part at this point seemed to be that they listened to a radio all the time where someone always repeated something about a location of an additional person.What seemed important too is that the goaty guy had at some point blond hair. His goaty was still black.

At some point they ended up at a rather large lake. It wasnt like i just suddenly saw the scene of them being at the lake; it was like i saw a television programm of the lake with some sort of narrator before i saw those 2. The lake had huge mountains surrounding it. Some of them had snow on top of them. The point where the 2 people arrived was something like a viewing platform where a lot of people, most of them in their bathing suits, watched the lake. When these 2 stood close to the edge of the viewing platform something appeared out of the lake. It seemed to be like some sort of kraken; but it wasnt like that. There where a lot of tentacles, going together to one point in the air where some sort of dude in a black armor was. After that one appeared the other 2 got totally serious.The goaty guy suddenly lost his black goaty (yeah, he lost it. It was kind flying away while he was stroking his beard). He was all blond now.

So the other dude of those 2 jumped the kraken thing. I dont know why he did it, but he did. The black armor guy on top of the tentacles somehow pulled the jumpy person up close to him. After he did that he opened some sort of orange-red portal where the one who got pulled up got sucked into. The other one with the goaty was still standing on the viewing platform, screaming “no!” all the time. Before the dude at the portal got sucked in totally the scene got black and the thing that actually happened first happened again. You know, the goaty guy woke up in his bed again, screaming “hes still alive”. Important at this point seemd that he had blond hair and a goaty with the same color. It wasnt black anymore, unlike the last time he awakened. After that i woke up for a few seconds because, well, i dont know. After that i went to sleep again and i saw him waking up again with his blond hair. That happened a few times Always when i was starting to sleep again i started to dream the same thing again. But well, at some point after that i woke up for real.

Thats the story. It strikes me amazing how im capable of dreaming something multilayered (and it is like that; i mean like, he was scream “hes still alive” for the dude he met afterwards, right? It was like a never-ending loop) like that while im sleeping. I mean, its not the first time i was having a complex dream. But its the first time it was mulitlayered…or well, lets say it was the first time it looped. I mean, i dont think that i was knowing the ending before i dreamed it. That means something inside of me made that up while i was experiencing the dream. But i actually dont understand why and more important how my non-consciousness thoughts can make it the way that the dream seem to loop.

And well, i dont understand the dream at all too. I never lost someone where i could have thought “he’s still alive”. I never met a person who told me that he or she thought that.

Additionally, the whole thing seemed rather real to me (i was so aware, it was kinda stunning me afterwards). It was like i was watching someone else, judging if hes doing the right thing.I felt like i had some sort of cosciousness – i could think about the stuff there, i could make a judgement. For my dreaming self this is totally unusual. I cant remember a dream before that where i could do that. I had a lot of dreams where i was like “along for the ride”, but i never had the ability to judge or think about the stuff while the dream was happening.

That dream was just a weird thing in total. Somehow it creeped the fuck out of me.

Well i dont knooow… radio station camps are awkwaaard…

Hello there.

Today im gonna write about something…well, different.

No worries. Itll be nothing too hard to chew on.

Basically, its this:


Aaand its a german link again. Well, the tldr-version: a radion station based in the area im living in will bring 10 people to a area without electricity and internet somewhere in the blackforest.They will propably learn how to deal with nature while doing so.

Idk, some of you guys might know the blackforest, right? Its a large forest region in south west germany.

So, they’ll let those guys run wild somewhere in there. Sounds fun huh?

Well, i dont know. Isnt that basically like the jungle camp? I mean, you’ll earn money if you win (5000€). And they propably will make them do awkward things too. Stuff like that is to be expected though; its for entertainment after all.

But still, that stuff seems like a weird way to gain publicity. You know, the people around here appear to be kinda serious. Germans in general are serious, i know that, but well, the people in the region here seem to be too serious to do stuff like that.

And well, i dont know guys. I just dont get it why people would do that. But i dont understand people anyways. Cant really explain it though; it just doesnt feel right.

New studies on NDE’s and OBE’s show…nothing new. At all. Move along.

hi guys.

Im sorry about that, but today i’ll write about another highly scientific thing.

Basically, its about this:


If you dont wanna read it yourself, let me provide you a tldr version:

a group of researchers did a large-scale experiment where they did test cardiac arrest patients for near-death experiences(NDE) and out of body experiences(OBE). They did it in several hospitals in europa and america.

Well and they actually wanted to test something else too. They wanted to know if people that are actually experiencing a OBE could read a imagine that they put on the ceiling of the room where they wanted to put the patients. They made it the way that those patients did not know about those images – they could only see them when they where actually out of their body.

Well, results?

At first sight they’re basically pretty bad for the cause of OBE’s being real: Not a single patient could see the image at the ceiling. Well, how could that be? Materialists and all kinds of Atheists will say at that point that OBE’s are illusions of the brain, the results are not surprising because well, illusions cant fly out of your body.

But what did i tell you guys in some of my blog posts? You know, the stuff that most of you are usually skipping because its boring as fuck?

Be sceptical.

And thats what you actually need to be here too.

If you actually read the result text (shortform of it, its not the whole paper of the study) it goes like this:

“Among 2060 CA events, 140 survivors completed stage 1 interviews, while 101 of 140 patients completed stage 2 interviews. 46% had memories with 7 major cognitive themes: fear; animals/plants; bright light; violence/persecution; deja-vu; family; recalling events post-CA and 9% had NDEs, while 2% described awareness with explicit recall of ‘seeing’ and ‘hearing’ actual events related to their resuscitation. One had a verifiable period of conscious awareness during which time cerebral function was not expected.”

So, firstly you might wanna know that a lot of those 2060 actually died. So surely they cant describe aything at all anymore.

The others are pretty much that what you get when you are researching NDE’s. People experience things when they have a NDE, that was already known. And most people are experiencing similar things.

Well, if you read the text, theres nothing about these image-thingies, right? Does that mean they didnt research that? Nope, they did.

Of all those NDE-people 2 actually had an OBE. Not that many, huh? But well, those kind of things normally dont happen too often anyways. Both of those 2 didnt see the image on the ceiling. Why you might ask? Well, as much as i read theres a simple answer for that without any phylosophical gibberish.

The rooms of those 2 people that had OBE’s didnt have a image on the ceiling. Funny fact huh? And well, as i read most of those people with a NDE didnt have a image like that on their ceiling either. Question here is: Why? Wasnt that the whole point, to research that stuff?

Idk for sure since i wasnt there, but that seems sloppy to me. And well, its rather comical that those 2 who actually had a OBE didnt have a image in their room.

What does that actually mean then?

Well, despite a lot of newspapers claiming that the study found evidence for an afterlife: Nope, it did not. But at the same time, the study isnt evidence for the opposite either. It just doesnt tell us anything at all. The whole NDE stuff isnt new at all. We already knew that people could experience those things from other studies. And right, there was one really weird case in that study where a person actually was consciousness during a time where it was clinically not possible. This seems to be rather important for a lot of dualistic thinking people. But well, i already read that some people claim that that could be explained by the brain being perceptive while it is practially not working at all. I also read that this one person could also only be scientific noise and that he is just simply the result of an study error. And i also read stuff that this could also proof that the consciousness exists for atleast a few minutes after death – but it could still vanish afterwards. Well, but that stuff is just talk – pretty much the same as what im doing right here, right now. And well, from my viewpoint it wouldnt make sense to continue to be conscious for a few minutes longer after death, just to let it die after that. But thats just my own sense of logic.

Anyways, the conclusion of the research team is pretty much the same:

“CA survivors commonly experience a broad range of cognitive themes, with 2% exhibiting full awareness. This supports other recent studies that have indicated consciousness may be present despite clinically undetectable consciousness. This together with fearful experiences may contribute to PTSD and other cognitive deficits post CA.”

Btw, there’s also that weidly spread opinion that these experiences of those people are subjective; thus, they cant be taken seriously. But well, thats pretty much the case for everything that humans experience, right? We cant abandon our humanity to look at things objectively.

Well anyways, do what you want with that info(if you dont believe it, google a bit. quite a lot of people wrote about that), but dont let anyone tell you that this study proofs anything. It doesnt. Its not telling us anything new about NDE’s. Sure, the one case where a specific person was conscious during a phase where he normally should have been is quite interesting, but that one case isnt enough to draw any conclusions.

Current World View and my opinion on it


(Cheers. Im not trying to start any discussions here, let me tell you that before you read anything else. Im not up for discussing proof or crap like that. Im mostly stating my own personal opinion. If you dont like that, well, screw you.)

How are you guys doing? Looking good eh? Well, im fine over here too.

I wrote yesterday about how i wanna talk about all those important things and, you know…

I wont do that today. I actually believe that i need to think a bit more about how ill write about that stuff. You know, if you wanna be a good blogger you actually need to know how you wanna write something before you do so. Alteast sometimes if you want to get really serious about something. Its topics like dualism, materialism and god that are actually quite touchy. A lot of people get pissed if you state stuff as facts even though they think they know they’re not. Thats especially quite the serious thing because i got a personal view of my own. For example, i’d descripe myself as some sort of dualist that actually thinks that the truth is something of a mix between a lot of views out there. The thing is, i dont mind if you dont agree with me. What i do mind though is that you are criticizing others opinions without knowing any better. These topics that i mentioned are nothing that you can answer with something explicit. Thing is, many people think they can exactly do that. Why? Well, i dont know for sure.

Thats propably because of the whole science thingy. Dont get me wrong, i really like science. Its amazing what we know these days about life. Problem is, we cant explain as much as we think we can with that. Many people dont realize that. Thats pretty much the problem though. We are not all knowing. And well, what we also need to remember is that science is not something godlike. I read stuff from quite a lot of people in the internet that trust science like it knows everything. Even some academic people (and thats the guys that actually do the science we are talking about right here) think so too(well yeah, screw subjective personal experience.). And you know what? Thats just the minor problem. I guess what im more irritated by is that we actually say that we are open minded, just to crush that whole intend by banning some thoughts from our minds because they dont fit in the world view of our society.

Sure, there is history behind that. A good example for stuff that is actually banned from the current scientific materialistic world view is everything that is paranormal. To be honest, if i think about that stuff my first thought is pretty much always “but i learned that this stuff doesnt exist”. Well, doesnt it? Im the wrong person to decide that. My argument here is that many dont have any doubt about that being the truth. Why? Thats pretty much the fault of a lot of people who faked stuff to scam others. Naturally people wont trust stuff like that anymore after a while. Additionally to that, due to bullcrap the church did in the last couple of hundred years all spiritual things actually detoriated. Materialism and science where the new big things and well, they brought us to that point where humanity is right now. But there is no guarantee that this stuff is the only truth. And well, i like to believe that it isnt. That doesnt mean im into all paranormal stuff – im just saying that we should be doubtful at ALL times. Dont trust the knowledge you take for certain.

And well, in connection to that scientific proof is getting slaughtered too, especially the stuff from Neuroscience. Its amazing what these guys know about our brains and how they work – but they cant explain everything thats going on in there yet. And even if they could explain at some point where e.g. consciousness is created it wouldnt explain everything. The ‘why’ and ‘how’ would be still unanswered. And thats propably the point where quantum physics is taking over(there are quite a few thoeries about that out there, like small quantum operations in microtubbles in our brains. Note that these are still theories.). But well, thats something where the future will tell us more. We just dont know enough about that yet.

But oh well, i discussed stuff anyways. I thought i wouldnt but i still did :( That stuff is just…too interesting to let it slide by. Everytime im thinking about these things im getting that weird excited feeling i had when i was a kid and i bought a new amazing game. I dont know why though.

I dont know what im doooooing…

It’s a me, it’s a…wait, i wont tell you my name. Why would i do that?

I mean like, one of you could actually think that im a sane person that is working every day. But it aint be like that pal, you know what im saying?

Im more like a lunatic that isnt running wild because the sanity is still working. Yep, that is pretty accurate. Anyways…

How are you guys doing? Still thinking about your things? I mean, im doing the same. Every day. We people of the internets are always doing our things, having fun. And im not really sure what im writing about right here, but hey, whatever. Im pretty much in a state between crazy and panic mode right now – i cant decide which one would be more appropriate. But well, you wouldnt actually decide for any one of them, wouldnt you? And you propably dont decide do be crazy and stuff, right? Because people who are doing that are attention whores. Yep. Thats how life works.And if you dont believe that, believe in me. Because i have no fucking clue what im talking about, what makes me as believable as every politican out there. I dont know what im doing, i dont know what you know and im pretty sure my head is filled with air. Perfect, i should go for Bundeskanzler (Federal chancellor or something in english. You know, something like Merkel). Hell, i dont even know if i know shit about the stuff im scared about. Im scared anyways, because i think i know that i know while i dont. Crazy shit right here. But well, on the other hand, im totally authentic because of that. And that kids is what science is all about.

Instead of me writing any more random gibberish, let me talk about some stuff i want to go on about in the neat future:

- Some of my dearest hobbies and interests. Because you guys really like to know that. I know you do, dont be shy. You WILL want to know.

- Some topics of the science world. I know that i once wrote that i cant explain shit because i dont know enough to do so – but well, let me try that anyways. There are quite a few topics that im so insanely interested in, i just cant keep it to myself.

- Well, im from Europe, and as you might know the people down here like to have fun while being totally serious about it. I mean, stuff like


is worthwhile to talk about, am i right? (Its a article about the german bundeswehr being bad. Nothing new here though. Stuff’s hilarious).

- There’s also stuff happening in my everyday life. Im seeing things from a rather unique perspective, so look forward to that stuff.

Now you might wonder, why is he summarizing AGAIN? I already did that like 5 blog posts ago. Well, i do that because i like it.

What, you cant understand that?

Well, let that wise guy make it clear for me:


Now you know.


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