So lazy…


I have to admit, im too lazy to make a lengthy blog post today. I also didnt do my test-podcast.´Partly because i just dont have any motivation for that right now. On the other side i dont know if that would be any good. I dont wanna do some sort of vlog-stuff. Im not that interesting to look at. Im propably not even interesting to listen to, but i dont know that until i tried, right?

Btw, it will take another few days for me to make another philosopherish blog post too. I actually have to admit that i still need to collect a bit more stuff to make a even slightly interesting post. I rather wait a bit longer there. Philosophy always needs time. And we bearded people do not want to rush anyways.

Im actually thinking though about a sum-up post of my year in real life. My life isnt as interesting as it could be, but well. The end of the year is drawing near; since im not celebrating shit (you know; vintage hermit style) i’ll have a lot of time on my hands. If im not too busy playing games again i will do so. But damn, i bought that final fantasy mmorpg today, and if it just half as good as people in the internet are writing i propably will waste a lot of time there.

Aaanyways, have fun out there.

Podcasts? Opinion?


To start the weekend i got a rather short question for you:

What do you think about podcasts? Im actually thinking about doing one for a while (basically because i have the impression that i cant get my opinion over to you when i just write things). Would you listen to that? I mean, i propably try something like that anyways, but if you like to gimme your opinion. Would appreciate it.

Ill be back for the weekend

Yep. Hi.

Ive got a lot on my mind these days – im going to be back with blog posts this weekend (atleast i guess so). You know, its just one of those situations were a lot of stuff is happening in your thoughts (not in real life; its a purely mind thing) and i just need to argue with myself a bit longer to sort that out. I need something like that from time to time to enjoy life again.

100 people like to read random stuff, yaaaay…krampus approves!

And so i finally reached 100 followers.

First of all thank you.

Secondly, screw you. People of the interwebs normally do some fancy stuff for their milestones like a big video or a amazing blog post where they thank their grandma and whoever there is. I feel obliged to do the same. But i wont. I stand firm with the believe that this isnt necessary.

So, to do so and to continue my rant on christmas, lets remember one guy that no one cares about anymore these days:


Hes named Krampus on Wikipedia and in this article ( The pic is also from there btw. Hes there to punish all the bad kids out there. I’d vote for that to be a thing again.
I mean, the village that i came from, they got something similar. Hes called “Kecht Ruprecht”. The story goes that he was the assistant of st. nicholaus. In some region he got a goat-like being with him to punish kids. And theres krampus again. But even ruprecht isnt a thing in many regions. Sad days. No one wants to kick bad people in their soft parts these days. Even if they are kids, they need to know that they are bad, hmkay? Southpark told me there that we should “kick those people in the nuts”. Oh well.

Christmas parties are the wurst

I always wanted to use that title. You understand it, right? Wurst, worst, right?! Hahahaa…

Alright, im sorry.

Anyways, how are you guys doing?

I just came home from a christmas party. It was one of those where the guys from the place where you work think that it would be a good idea to go to a restaurant and eat. And do a sight seeing tour in a small little town that no one cares about before. And you know, stuff like that. In this time and age you actually have to pay for it all yourself. I couldnt hold my joy, i was so happy about spending my money at a event i HAVE to commit to because my boss would be there. Oh boy.

To be honest, it wasnt totally bad. The sightseeing stuff was… surprisingly interesting. Well, that was basically because pretty much every town in germany has some sort of witch-hunting history and you know, theres always a historic building connected to that. I noticed though that i really should go on and read the book “Hexenhammer”. Its not much of a good one, but its giving some good insights into the old practices of witch hunters. Im really interested in that. No worries, i dont want to burn anyone.

Aaaanyways, the guy that did the tour also had a pike. I was always fascinated by weapons from the middle ages. I dont know why. It wasnt a real one though, just a piece of crap metal on a stick. You couldnt have done anything with it at all.

And then…the restaurant. Oh boy. Its propably a bad idea to eat in a restaurant that is connected to a butcher shop if you are a vegetarian, but i had little choice. I had to commit.

And well, the dish i wanted to eat didnt sound that bad. Have you ever heard of Rösti (Roesti, if you dont like the german letter there)? Its a swiss dish made out of potatoes. Well that wasnt that bad, but the mediteranean vegetables…blargh. So much paprika. I hate that stuff. I really do. I got that feeling in my throat like i would have to choke every time im eating that stuff. And there was a whole plate of it. That wasnt fun, that was war. And i won. Barely.

Anyways, time to go to bed or something… im done for today. Bye.

Oh, its a year already


So im like a whole year here on wordpress. Just got my notification for it today. Great stuff. Im blogging (well, atleast nearly) regularly these days. Most of them is propably just random junk (except for that second blog that i have, im honestly trying to be serious over there). And after all, well you know… i can see that at my subscriber-numbers. But thats fine. Less people means less opinions regarding content, yay :p

I changed quite a bit over that last year. I really did. I mean like, as a human being. I went from “i want friends and i want to be important” to “i dont care anymore, i just want to have fun”. I dont know, im satisfied these days when im actually having fun every day. I told that my father yesterday – boy that look on his face. Hes a person that worked on having a family for his whole life. My goal isnt exactly having a family; im actually thinking these days that it would be great to have kids and stuff, but im not ready for it right now.I dont want that responsibility right now and you know… i guess i still have a lot to learn before im prepared to teach a other human being the way of life.

Problem there is anyways, im not exactly every girls dream. But whatever, right? I dont want to be sad about stuff like that anymore. My life is way too good for that. I mean like, i could have fun instead. And i want to have it with as many people as possible (im not talking about sex here, just to be clear). But im also fine if im alone. I just take it how it is.

If i try to look back at who i was a year ago i kinda think sometimes “who was that?”. I cant identify myself with the person that was me a year ago. But thats just how it is sometimes, huh.

Anyways, fun. Thats the point. And thats what im going to have right now. By eating stuff. Yep. Cheese. Tons of cheese.

And well, just to post a random picture related to cheese, here you go:



crank dat stuff

Pow! The handle broke. Well, fuck.

I actually feel like the weekend never ended. But its Wednesday evening already. Damn. Time is just flying by these days. Im doing too many things that are fun, that must be why. Things that are fun…well, im actually just eating, working, sleeping and playing games. Perfect. There isnt even that much stuff that i could wrap my head around these days. Im even in a good mood (:

I must be sick. Should see a doctor soon.That isnt normal.

Wanna know what else isnt normal? This.


Christmas these days…blarg.

Dem rants. Dem rants! Its about time for me to start something i do every year. I  dont know if i already did it last year on that blog right here (i just had created that blog back then, good times). But i will do it this year!

And that is…well, about Christmas. Everyone these days is all about it. Presents, Lights, Christmas Markets, wohoo! But you know, with all those merry people there is always one guy that isnt amused about it.


Why? Well, that may be because i was always a bit of a philosophical dick, but let me tell you. First thing, its not that i hate Christmas as a thing. Its nice, yep. Humans like their festive times just like 300 years ago. What i actually cant stand is though…hmm, well… people dont know what Christmas is actually about. I mean, im seeing those atheistic guys out there, celebrating and all that stuff. ‘I dont believe in a god and Jesus, well fuck that guy’. Its totally okay to have that opinion (hell i dont care what you believe in), but PLEASE: Dont celebrate Christmas like you do now; celebrate it in a way that goes firm with what you believe in. I know that all kinds of people will tell you otherwise, that its something else these days and they just want to have fun, but cant they just stay true to that what they believe in? If you dont believe in Jesus, whats the point of celebrating the birth of him? I mean, sure celebrate something, but can we call it something else then? Like Wintersday? People over here in germany are partly even worse: They are atheistic all year long, but on Christmas, well, look who’s going to church. I mean, i dont give two fucks about it since ill stay at home. I wont go to that place anymore. Not because i dont believe in anything anymore, no. Im just not a part of that anymore and ill stay firm with that belief that i have. Therefore i dont need the whole Christmas-stuff. I will still be with my family on the 24.12.2014. Why? Not to celebrate Christmas. I just want to be with my family, having a good time. Even though i wont have that since my sister is annoying as fuck, but whatever.

Bottom line is: Even so capitalism is making it to something else these days, Christmas was originally about the birth of Jesus. If you dont believe in it, fine, but dont act on Christmas like you do believe in it just because you want to have fun.

Radio shows these days…

Hi there.

That last post that i did today somehow didnt get through for unknown reasons, so let me try that again. Hopefully there wont be 2 posts with the same contents out there after that.

Radio shows these days, i tell you. They are not as good as they used to be. Or well, those people there just lack some sort of compassion:

>Talking about suicide and how bad it is to do something like that.

>Playing Nickelback’s “What are you waiting for” right after it.

I was pretty much just like ‘wow. They didnt notice that?’

Btw, i was pretty busy the last couple of days, will do some longer posts here and on my philosopher blog tomorrow and/or Friday (im on vacation for the rest of the week, thats why).


I shall do that… in the future! Believe that!

Hi guys.

How are you doing? Took me a while (again!) to write another blog post. It wasnt like i was totally busy or something; it was pretty much just the usual stuff. You know, researching stuff, working, watching anime, playing games (dragon age 3…wohooo). Nothing out of the ordinary. But well, i just… i dont know, didnt want to write.

I actually thought some stuff up though.

Firstly, My male bunny will go to the veterinary. Tomorrow. Nope, not castration. Not now atleast. The doc just wants to see how far he is developed, since i was kinda worried about him. You know, hes actually trying to bite through those cagemetalthings. I would happily let him out, but he just doesnt want to when im there. He would rather break his legs then doing so. And thats why hes still in there. Well, even so, he will go out of that cage tomorrow. No worries, i wont break anything. But it will be an epic battle. The bunny vs the black-bearded hermit. Sounds good huh?

I also decided something else these days. I decided to start studying again. Yep, right. I mean like, i already got a masters degree in computer science; where else could i go from there except for a doctor? You see, im not out there to do as much money as i can. I actually dont need anymore than i have right now. I dont. Im quite happy with what i have. No, i want to study something that will help me in my personal development. And well, since im really into all kind of weird philosophy and parapsychology stuff – guess what im going to study. Thats right. Philosophy. I actually thought about studying the second one, but well… im living in germany after all. I dont know of any institution around here that is actually doing research in that field or anything like that. People over here tend to not care about that stuff. There is a institute for the fringe topics of psychology in Freiburg (south of germany), but i dont know. I heard once about them in the radio. They dont seem to be that important; and well, they’re researching dreams anyways, im not really into that stuff.

So, Philosophy it is. I wont do it full-time. I dont have the money to do that since i still got a bit of a debt from my last study thingy. Thats also why i have to wait a bit longer to do that. But oh well, doesnt matter.

At some point in the future the black-bearded hermit will be able to call himself that while hes knowing that he actually knows some more stuff then before. Aint that amazing, huh?


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