Online dating madness

so, hi guys.

Well, i already wrote about how im living in my new appartment now, right?

Its pretty large. Too large for me i guess. It feels kinda empty and lonely :o I dont even know what i should do about that. I can put as much stuff as i want in here, it wont get better, im sure of that. Well damn.

Btw, have you ever tried to date a girl ( or a boy) that you met on the internet? Well, i did that quite a few times. To be honest, i would like to do that again. But well, theres a problem right there: How do i find a girl that actually wants to meet somewhere? Well, to do so we need to chat with some female human beings first, right?

You may think that this is quite the easy task, but you’re wrong. I wrote like a couple hundred girls already. Most of them dont reply. I actually tried to be original for quite a while too. I read their profiles and tried to start a conversation specifically with the information that i had about them. Didnt work, they still ignored me. So, what was the problem there? Despite me being a bearded nerd, i dont really know. Im not writing anything perverted or anything like that, so that cant be the reason for that. The girls around here may be just arrogant german fucks, but im not sure if i can generalize like that right here.

So, whats the problem here? Is it because of the internet? I dont think so. Its not all bad around here; you can find someone who is actually responding. And i kinda got a feeling how to do so.

First of all you need a profile picture that shows how strong and manly you are. Im talking about muscles. Girls seem to like that. No one cares about your brain power; you might think that could be important these days. YOU’RE WRONG. Its all about the muscles. I know that some girls will stop right here and yell “but im on the internet and i dont like men with muscles”. Lies. If you would have a choice you wouldnt take the fat one.

Secondly, be pushy and perverted. Make some bad jokes. Girls seem to like that crude stuff. Why? Heck if i know. Being a douche is always a winner.

And there may be more points to that, but im getting lazy. Point is, i suck at online dating. I doubt that any coach out there could change that. But well…

Guess ill just keep trying without being a prick. Because thats how i do things.

Im just sitting here…

…and they taaalk to meee.

Na, they dont. The people i mean. There’s no one around right now. And you know what? Im fine with that. And well, that statement is not totally true anyways. I was at the grocery store this morning (its called edeka in germany). And i also had to register as a new resident in that village i moved in to. I obviously had to talk there. But right now im done with that. Yep. And im sitting in my chair in front of my computer, playing games, listening to music, having a good time. The alcohol and the girls are missing though. But well, im a bearded fat nerd, guess i wont get the girls anytime soon. But alcohol, maybe. And you know what? Im perfectly fine with that. For now. A bit. I mean, it could be worse, right? :>

Back from vacation

Hi guys,

im back. Well, nearly. Im still on vacation, but im going to start writing in this blog again. Got the feeling that the internet needs me and my unique view of the world. And well, since im living in my own appartment now (with my own bath, wohoo!) i can write you all the stuffs whenever i want. Alteast when im not playing Archeage, which is kinda like a drug for me these days. If you dont know that game, look it up! Its a amazing game that got ported to the west from korea. Its kinda crowded these days, but it got a lot of great features that make it worthwhile playing.

Anyways, im still thinking about a lot of stuff despite that. But you know what? Im not going to write about that. Why? Because there are no answers for a lot of these things. You can stack up all the knowledge in the world about that stuff, you wont find any solid answer that explains it all. Also, you might think about it too. Lastly, i dont have the knowledge to explain the background information for a lot of these theories out there that try to explain the world. Other people can do that better than me. So, i wont. Instead im going to write like a numb nut about silly things that might or might not happened to me. Just like i did till now. It doesnt matter how things work for now; lets have some fun :D

Aaaand now im going to cook something to eat.


Philosophical gibberish

Sorry for not posting for a few days, im on vacation right now. Or something like that – i mean, im at home, but im doing various things. I recently found a strong interested in physics, philosophy and biology, which is totally weird to me, but well.And im still pondering about the big questions in life. Especially stuff that involves life after death seems kinda interesting to me. A lot of people got a lot of opinions on this topic and if you want to get some decent information out of all that stuff you need to filter everything. And you propably shouldnt believe in any radical people. ITs totally legit to be a radical materialist or a religious person. Its also fine to believe in the quantum mind or bio-centrism or stuff like that. The important thing is: Never ever say that the stuff that you are believing in is the only thing that is possible. Because it isnt. Keep your mind open to everything and stay sceptical. We humans dont know so much stuff, i doubt that we can say what is right and what is wrong. Plus we dont see everything that is going on in this world. Even modern science cant explain everything (even though a surprisingly large number of people out there think so. Thats a thing that is associated with the current society out there. Many people think that humanity solved every mystery there ever was. That is not true though.).

Conclusion: Never stop asking questions. And dont even think that the knowledge you have right now is final. The only thing that we propably know for sure is that we dont know everything.

More thoughts and youtube stuffs


Is there anyone out there that reads my stuff that actually tried to get into youtube? Im not talking about viewing stuff from other people. I mean like actually producing your own videos. I already tried that too, but i guess you need to pick some sort of category of videos you wanna do, right? I actually wanna do some sort of lets play’s, but i dont know. There are tons of lets Play-guys out there. You propably need to deliver something really good to get people to watch you.

I dont know if im actually entertaining or something, so i propably just give it a try again and see where it’s taking me. I got a lot of old games that i wanna play again anyways. Plus there are tons of new games coming. I’ll propably write a new post here with my newest results of that. It’ll propably suck donkeydicks, but you dont know that until you tried, right?

Btw, feeling a lot better today. I really felt terrible yesterday. Like, totally terrible. Cant really describe it. It’s like i was totally depressed because of life itself. At some point you got to realize that life itself is a huge burden for one human. You come fom nothing, you propably go to nothing too. Im just not fond of that thought. It could also be totally different with afterlife and everything. There is no one out there who knows for sure. It just paralizes my thoughts sometimes. Im kinda trying to recover from that these days, but its hard to recover from something that actually cant be solved. There’s always some sort of concern inside of me.

In any case, i wont write about that again. It wont do me any good to do so. I’ll propably just get sick or something from that. Instead of that i’ll try my best to live a life i really like. So, ladies, i need a girlfriend to do that. Anyone interested? :D

Lalala… games all day all night


Feeling good today. Just sent my new computer back because its broken already. Good times. Still questioning life. My cat is sleeping on my bed. Need to pack up my stuff to move out to my new appartment.

Idk, im totally gonna spend the whole day playing games i guess. I found some older ones like hellgate london and guild wars 1 or the secret world. Propably gonna get some of that stuff running. Lets see.

Motivation hats

Well, hello there.

I recently had a lot of problems motivating myself for all kinds of things. Like, eating. Sleeping. I dont know, it all seems meaningless if you are a big fat hairy nerd that is scared of every shit that exists out there. So i thought about solutions for this. I could stop thinking about things. Can i do that? No. If i could control that i would not have to think about it. Uah.

So, what to do instead? I thought about it long and hard and i actually found something that might help from time to time. Everytime i wanna get serious about things (and im not at work and im not somewhere where people that care are around me) im going to put on my motivation hat. After i did so im going to try to do the best i can at whatever i need to do at that moment. And im going to have fun while doing so. I also wont think about anything at all while wearing that fine piece of clothing too. Aint that amazing, huh?

Cant imagine how that thing could look like? Well, its kinda… unexpected.


To be honest, i normally wanted a different one, but i cant use that right now because of various reasons. Because of that this one is my replacement motivation hat. I’ll post the original one when it is ready for usage.

You should try that too. And if it doesnt work, hell you gotta look at the bright side. You are looking ridiculous as fuck, everyone will have fun while looking at you. Thats a good thing too, isnt it? (:

DVI, HDMI…fuck. that. shit.

That title is telling the story of my day till now. I felt horrible the whole day. I shouldnt have felt like that because i bought a new pc. A new pc is normally something like christmas and eastern together for me. Its a huge event.

Sadly, it didnt all go as planned. First i had cable problems. DVI, HDMI, VGA. Well, whatever. I did notice that i actually need a dvi cable. I also did notice that i dont own that type of cable. I felt screwed, but i accepted it. I went out and bought one. Thats something like a 1 hour trip for me to do so. While doing so i also bought a monitor to actually use that cable too. All my monitors that i owned before that cant connect to that one. Btw, my new computer only allows dvi, so thats why i was doing all that stuff.

After that i finally saw a moving picture on my brand new display thingy. But well, i noticed after like 2 hours of trying that the graphic card wasnt working. What to do about that? Well, i worked a bit on the drivers. No changes. I did all the software shit that i know. Nope, nothing. Thats why im sending it back to the seller i guess. Hopefully they can fix that problem or send me a new pc instead of that one. Otherwise im seriously going to fuck shit up. Like, fuck.

Btw, i did write about some sort of girl that a friend of mine wanted to pair me with. Well, he texted me today with the message that im not her type. Well fuck dude. Guess im not attractive and i will be forever alone. Plus my feelings that tell me that im FUCKING SCARED OF LIFE are stronger than ever today. I dont know. Im sad, not angry. Sorry, no cheery pictures today. I’ll try to be happier tomorrow, i swear.

Vacation time in germany! And friends that arrange relationships for you


So i just finished moving back to my home town for now. Im going to live there for a few days until all the furniture in my new appartment is ready. Boy what a trip.

I mean like, the highways in germany these days. Like, seriously. It’s vacation time over here and everyone and his grandma is going somewhere to chill out or do stuff. The streets cant take this. Really, they cant. I was in several traffic jams and i actually melted like four times in my car while waiting for those to clear up. Well, to do so you usually go to some sort of motorway station, am i right? To fucking bad those were crowded too. I dont know where all those people are coming from, but boy dont rest where i wanna rest. I couldnt get a parking slot on several stations too. A parking slot. I mean, the fuck?

Oh btw, while i wrote this right now (and thats pretty much also the reason why i lost the plot…) a friend of mine called me and asked me if i want to have a relationship that is solely based on fucking each other with a girl that is dumb and shallow on the inside. I mean like, wow dude. I did not know what to say to that. I tend to say yes, but im normally not that kind of guy that is just out there to fuck girls. Especially because im a fucking nerd and no one would do that kinda stuff with a guy like me. So i guess i’ll say no. But i dont know for sure. So…ehm… guess i’ll decide on that thing tomorrow.

See ya till then.

The tf2 videos are strong with this one

Beep boop guys. Beep boop.

Idk, i felt like writing that again. It really reminds me so much of team fortress 2. And the awesome videos that are made with the models of that game.

Examples? Hue. Sure thing bro.

Texas Style

I wonder which song the creator took as base for that (wink wink). :3 Btw, props to TheEngiGuy for creating something good.

Something else? Alright.

Like a spy

That one (It’s made by… idk, i guess he’s called STBlackST) covers a parody out there that is pretty popular in the interwebs. You propably know it too. You dont? Use your youtubesearchbar. Do it.

Aaaand there are tons more of these. I used to watch those every day. Its really amazing what people are able to create if they put their mind to it.

I mean, right, you are getting a bit numb in your skull if you are watching that stuff too often, but that isnt necessarily a bad thing. It got its advantages. You can watch a whole season of my little pony without getting a headache! Aint that amazing? :D And that my children is how bronies were created.


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